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Did Denise Laurel turn down a ‘very mature’ project?

Denise Laurel also talks about hosting the newest talk show on cable TV, Lifestyle Network’s ‘Modern Girls.’

Gary Ann Lastrilla

Instagram: @iamgaryann


05/28/2016 09:25 AM
Did Denise Laurel turn down a ‘very mature’ project?
052816-denise_main.jpgCo-hosting with Sam Oh and Gretchen Ho on the newest talk show on Lifestyle Network entitled Modern Girls, Kapamilya actress Denise Laurel said that she is very excited for the project as people will get to see a new side of her.

Sobrang saya. If you guys want to hang out, have some girl talk or if you want to learn about women, join us on the show because we’re learning about women topics at the same time… Let’s celebrate women’s imperfection and loving it,” she said. 

This is not the first time that Denise will be hosting a show. She used to be a VJ for music channel MTV in Singapore and for Studio 23. 

“I think God is really positioning me in a way that I’m sharing my experiences and my imperfections and myself with people. Hindi ako naghirap in life for no reason. I think God gives us things that happened to us so that we can share it with other people. Maybe they’re going through the same thing or maybe something will happen to them in the future and they can learn from my shortcomings or my mistakes or things that I could have done better and I’m very excited to share that with everyone,” Denise said about her new hosting stint.

Although she’s back doing one of her first loves, Denise, nonetheless, said that she will still do acting projects. “That’s my passion and that’s never going to stop,” she said, adding that she is also working on producing her own album.

Meanwhile, the Kapamilya actress also talked about a project she feels hesitant to do. 

“I’m just waiting to do this one project, supposedly with Jericho Rosales but I think he’s doing another project now so I don’t know if we’re going to be doing that together. They offered me one project but I felt that maybe (I’m) not ready for it yet so this is the first time that I’m parang taking it slow pa but I’m never going to say I don’t want to do work. I love work,” she said. 

Talking further about this project that she turned down, Denise said, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say but I think it was a bit very mature for me so I wasn’t ready for that yet. But it’s the first time ever that I haven’t said yes. Medyo natakot din ako because I’m not good at saying no but I really felt like it wasn’t the right time for me to do something that mature.”