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Andi Eigenmann on almost quitting showbiz: ‘I’ve been so misunderstood’

Andi Eigenmann on almost quitting showbiz: ‘I’ve been so misunderstood’

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


05/28/2016 09:29 AM
Andi Eigenmann on almost quitting showbiz: ‘I’ve been so misunderstood’
052816-andi_main.jpgDuring the homecoming dinner for the cast and crew of the Cannes Film Festival entry Ma’ Rosa, Andi Eigenmann admitted that her mom Jaclyn Jose’s Best Actress win served as a big eye opener for her. "It’s just the fact that it’s so inspiring to know that someone like my mother has been recognized all around the world and this is not just some event. It is the most prestigious award giving body in the world. And yung nararamdaman ko lang po through that is that my mom has basically brought the name of our country and has made our whole country proud. And I hope that this serves as an inspiration for every other Filipino who aspires to do the same because no matter how simple you are it’s not impossible to dream this big,” she admitted.

Andi admitted that she had also recently thought about turning her back on show business already. "Akala ko na parang maybe (my time is done). I don’t know. It’s show business. When people are done with you, they’re done with you and I knew that from the very beginning. I don’t know, I’ve been so misunderstood for quite a while for the most shallow reasons but I can’t call it shallow if it means losing my job,” she said.

With her personal life having made headlines for the past couple of years, Andi said the pressure just got too strong. But her recent experience in Cannes has changed her perspective. "Mahirap eh and minsan parang you just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I don’t want to have to live in a world where all I can do is explain myself. My past doesn’t define me. I know that I’m worth something more and I’m so happy that internationally that has been recognized. My mom winning made me believe that yes you fall down but what you do is you get back up and you try and you try again. And then in God’s time things like this will come to you, to all of us,” she added.

With her return to the country, Andi hopes for a fresh start. She is set to start work on two movie projects soon as well. "Parang I’m just taking this as a chance to begin again and hopefully this time to be recognized and to be appreciated for what I can do, not just for what I’ve done and for how I look but for what I can do because I’m really so passionate. Ito talaga yung isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit ano yung mangyari hindi mawawala yung paniniwala ko sa Diyos kasi kahit ano, ilang beses akong madapa, lagi niyang pinapatunayan sa akin na, ‘Huwag kang mag-alala. Tumayo ka. Maniwala ka. I will give you something even greater. Something that you would never even imagine,” she said.