Enchong Dee on his relationship with Samantha Lewis: ‘We’re just friends now’

Enchong Dee admits breakup with Samantha Lewis

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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05/26/2016 01:22 AM
Enchong Dee on his relationship with Samantha Lewis: ‘We’re just friends now’

052516-EnchongDee_PUSH.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Enchong Dee honestly rated his career (10 being the highest) at number 5. However, Enchong says he doesn't blame anyone to why this is so. “It’s so hard to be regretful and at the same time mareklamo, if there’s anyone I can point fingers at it’s myself. So whatever success or failure that I have right now it’s because of myself.”

In fact, Enchong chose to take on a grateful attitude. “Sa tagal ng 10 years, makikita mo may mga dinaanan ka na nandito bago ka pumasok, wala na. May mga kasabay ka na pumasok, wala na. By the end of the day you just have to be thankful to the fans, to the management, to everyone that supported you.”

This year is Enchong is all about “work, work, work, work.” “I’m still excited to work in front of the camera again—movie, TV…  That's the reason I’m doing all that this year.”

Asked about the status of his relationship with Samantha Lewis. Enchong admitted, “Lumabas yung teaser kanina biglang about my love life and then I texted Sam, ‘Sam this is going to happen, this is the topic, this is the headline.’ And then she said ‘okay lang, walang problema.’ I mean ang dami na naming pinagdaanan together and this is just one of those… but yes we’re just friends now.”

Enchong said they’ve been together for two years but they agreed to end their relationship. “I love her Tito Boy. Bibihira akong makahanap ng ganung klaseng babae, but I think there’s just a certain point wherein you just say stop. I told her na any time you need me, just text me I’ll be there.”