UP student Khalil Verzosa resolves issue with Baron Geisler

Khalil: "We just want to put the issue behind us."

Kristhoff Cagape


05/19/2016 05:50 PM
UP student Khalil Verzosa resolves issue with Baron Geisler
051916-baron2_PUSH.jpgIn a statement posted on his Facebook account, Khalil Verzosa, the student who was assaulted by Barron Geisler in a video which has gone viral, said that he already made peace with the actor.

"Baron and I spoke on the phone and resolved the issue between ourselves," he shared.

He added that he also took down the video which he posted on May 15 to documented the incident.

"We're all fine. I think Baron Geisler deserves enough. out of respect to him, i took down the video. imagine if you were the one harassed and a found footage of you harassing women or whoever, would you change for the better? we all need realize that violence isn't the answer, violence in all forms. I also want to ask everyone to stop sharing the video. we just want to put this issue behind us. Peace!" he stated.

Baron commented on the post saying, 'Salamat man!! Nakapagisipisip din ako. Yakap!!"

Khalil resumed with the shooting of his project for his editorial design class with the subject Violence Against Women.

Read the full statement of Khalil here: