Isko Moreno wants to come back to showbiz

Isko Moreno says why he didn't run as Mayor of Manila.

Isko Moreno wants to come back to showbiz-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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05/18/2016 10:52 AM
Isko Moreno wants to come back to showbiz
051816-IskoMoreno_PUSH.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, despite losing his bid for a Senatorial seat, Isko Moreno said he doesn’t regret running for the Senate instead of pursuing the Mayoral seat in the City of Manila. He said, “unang-una, I don't want to divide the city. Because of too much politics, nalugmok ang siyudad dahil sa away ng mga politiko. In fact, nakita mo nga yung dating magkaaway, biglang nagkabati after 18 years.”  Host Boy Abunda named the politicians Isko was referring to as “(Alfredo) Lim and (Lito) Atienza.”

Isko added, “parang shocking yun sa Manila.” He further admitted being surprised by the alliance (of Lim and Atienza) because, “when you do government, you do different visions and policies, that’s why you compete against each other.”

Boy asked Isko, “did you consider running for Mayor? Were you told that you were winnable as Mayor of Manila?” Isko said, “ang sagot ko dun I let si Pangulong Mayor Erap (Joseph Estrada) run and continue to do the same policy that he introduced, wherein nabalik na kami sa number one ulit.” 

Boy followed up with, “sa totoo lang did you ask him if you could run for Mayor?” Isko answers, “no, I did not. He’s doing good, administratively.” 

Now that he is currently without a position in the political arena of the country, Isko said his plan is to, “unang-una, siguro magpapamilya ako, marami akong utang sa mga anak ko. Second, I’ll do some business, yung maliit kong negosyo, ifo-focus ko. Then I’ll go back to showbiz.” 

On Fast Talk, Isko chose Alma Moreno over Manny Pacquiao. He also said being a sidecar driver is a more difficult job than being a “basurero.” Isko also said “loyalty” is the most important lesson he’s learned from Kuya Germs (Moreno.)

Isko said he thinks Anne Curtis is the sexiest woman in the Philippines and wants to work with her.