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Nine little known facts about Kathryn Bernardo from ‘Everyday Kath’

Kathryn Bernardo opens up about the trait that she has picked up from Daniel Padilla.

Nine little known facts about Kathryn Bernardo from ‘Everyday Kath’-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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04/08/2016 08:01 AM
Nine little known facts about Kathryn Bernardo from ‘Everyday Kath’

After being a platinum album artist, box office star, and top-rating actress and endorser, Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo has also ventured into becoming a book author.

Kathryn released her self-help-cum-inspirational-book titled Everyday Kath, which features pages upon pages of tips on 365 Ways to be a Teen Queen, just in time for her 20th birthday.

According to the young actress, the book was really something that she wanted those who support her to have and enjoy.

“Kasi sabi ko, ‘Anong pwede kong mabigay na hindi ko pa nagawa before?’ Nag-album kami ni DJ (Daniel Padilla), nag-solo album kami pareho, tapos nag-mall show, nakita. So ano ang feeling ko na me-e-enjoy nila na nadadala kahit saan. So naisip ko ang book,” she said.

Planning the book, according to Kathryn, has actually started some years back.

“Actually dapat pang 19th birthday ko ‘yun or 18th birthday pa ako nagstart mag-plan no’n. Kaso ngayon kang talaga nagkaroon ng time na i-release na kumpleto na ang photoshoots and all,” she revealed.

The book, which will be formally launched on April 10, had Kathryn revealing new details about herself that people know very little about (or may have probably forgotten or overlooked). 

1. Kathryn’s celebrity crushes 
Real deal Kathryn fans may already have known about this, but new fans might not be aware that Kathryn actually admires High School Musical star Zac Efron and award-winning actor Jericho Rosales.

2. Kathryn’s pets
Kathryn has always been an animal lover. In her book, Kathryn introduced her three dogs namely: Cloud, Snow, and Summer. Of the three though, Cloud, according to Kathryn is “the most affectionate” because he follows her to her room every single time.

3. Kathryn’s faith
The young star is no stranger into taking on various types of demanding scenes. But how does she tackle them? Kathryn revealed in the book that she prays before acting especially “before doing a heavy, emotional scene.”

4. Kathryn’s image
With her child-like face, gentle demeanor and soft-spoken manner, many have apparently written off Kathryn as a snob. Kathryn, for her part, is well aware of it. She even wrote that such was not the case as she is really just the shy type.

5. Kathryn’s confidence boosters
Kathryn admitted that there are days when she is just not her usual perky self. If anything, she is very much grateful that she has a steady set of “cheerleaders” who boost her confidence. Among them were her Mommy Min Bernardo, friends, and, of course, her perennial love team and rumored boyfriend Daniel Padilla.

6. Kathryn’s go-to person
The Teen Queen admitted that she has only a few friends whom she would fight for, but of all these people, it is her Mommy Min whom she trusts the most. Not only does Mommy Min guide her and support her in her day-to-day activities, but she is also responsible for making sure that Kathryn remains to be a wise and grounded star. According to Kathryn, Mommy Min is her sole trusted financial advisor who budgets for her and puts her hard-earned money into good investments.

7. Kathryn on what she ‘got’ from Daniel
Kathryn attributed her being “observant” to Daniel. According to her, she too has come to enjoy people watching and reading them when they are not aware of it. It was through this that she was able to make get to know the people for they really are.

8. Kathryn’s ‘protector’
While she did not name a specific person when she wrote the 10 kinds of friends that one would meet, she has, however, identified “The Protector” as a male. The tag, in a previous social media post, has been Kathryn’s description of Daniel. The protector, according to Kathryn, “shields you from those who want to do you harm, always the ever-present knight in shining armor.”

9. Kathryn’s detractors
Past reports have speculated that Kathryn supposedly approves the constant clashing of fandoms online. Kathryn addressed the issue, albeit indirectly on her book, by emphasizing to avoid the “online haterade.” As she underscores, “don’t meet hate, with more hate.”