F4’s Vic Chou and wife expecting a baby

Vic Chou is excited to be a dad to his firstborn

F4’s Vic Chou and wife expecting a baby-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


04/07/2016 10:14 AM
F4’s Vic Chou and wife expecting a baby
040716-VicChou_PUSH.jpgAfter tying the knot last November 2015, actor and F4 member Vic Chou is expecting his firstborn with wife Reen Yu. Last November, 34-year old Vic said he’s ready to be a father anytime.

According to Apple Daily and Etto, last March 29, the couple went for a consultation in a 5-star confinement center in Taipei, Taiwan, where Vic was seen wearing a mask. Vic didn’t ask much questions from their doctor while pregnant Reen asked more.

Reen, who is reportedly three months pregnant, said her husband wanted to announce her pregnancy at the right time. The couple didn’t reveal the gender of their baby yet.

Vic’s manager also confirmed the news and said that the actor is excited to be a dad.

“Vic is very happy and excited. As he is a news father, he has to learn many things. He also bought many related books. He thanks everyone for their blessings,” the actor’s representative said. 

On the other hand, Reen’s contract in her agency already ended and reports state that she would most likely quit showbiz to focus on her duties as a wife and mother.

Photo credit: https://asianpopnews.com/