LOOK: Jomari Yllana’s mini-me graduates junior high school

EJ Salut


04/05/2016 03:01 AM
LOOK: Jomari Yllana’s mini-me graduates junior high school

Aiko Melendez shared a proud momma moment on Instagram today, April 4 as his son Andre finished junior high school. Andre is Aiko’s son with actor Jomari Yllana. Aiko uploaded photos and gave a sweet message for her son.

“To our son [Andre] dada [Jomari] [Marthena Jickain] are so proud of you... Your dad and I may not be together anymore but we made a pact that whatever happens we will become the best parents that we can be to you… We may not be the perfect mom and dad for you but pls know that we are doing our very best to raise you the best way we can:) Congrats son!!! Pls next diploma will be college and an acting award also ahahaha!” the actress said in the caption.

“Congratulations to my Baby boy  [Andre] You have always been the baby boy that I’ve ever dreamt of having.. You were never a headache to me... You never complain on what I can only give and offer you.. I am so proud of how you have become son.. And im wishing nothing but the best on your next journey son... I will always be behind you no matter what happens I love you son! Congratulations on your graduation! Thank you to all your teachers! And classmates!” Aiko said in another post.