EXCLUSIVE: Fun facts you should know about Korean heartthrob Yohan Hwang

Yohan Hwang is more Filipino than you originally thought.

EXCLUSIVE: Fun facts you should know about Korean heartthrob Yohan Hwang-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
Gary Ann Lastrilla

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04/28/2016 11:04 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Fun facts you should know about Korean heartthrob Yohan Hwang
Hailing from South Korea, Yohan Hwang was declared the first grand touristar of the singing competition for foreigners in the country, I Love OPM which was concluded last Saturday, April 23. Aside from his talent for singing Filipino songs, his good looks also captured the hearts of the viewers.
In an exclusive interview with PUSH.com.ph, the Korean singer-heartthrob admitted that winning I Love OPM brought him mixed emotions. “Actually, I had two emotions like the one is super happy and the other emotion was like I was very worried. Is it okay even (if) I got this prize? Something like that. Am I deserving? (I am not) sure if I deserve to win or what,” he said, thinking about the comments of the people.
After winning the singing contest, what’s next for Yohan? “Maybe an album. I want to have an album, my own Tagalog songs. It’s really great,” he said. And although he admitted having no time to enroll in a Filipino class as of now, he is willing to take a tutorial class. Yohan is also interested in joining show business, “Acting, dancing, I want to try everything, seriously.”  
Know more about this Korean cutie by reading his answers to slum book questions below. 
Name: Yohan Hwang
Age: 20
Birthday: November 27
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Describe yourself in one word: Effort
Describe your personal style: K-Pop
Idol/Icon: Gary Valenciano
Current theme song: Wag Ka Nang Umiyak
Motto: God gives a way in our life
Best comment you’ve received: “You have a great accent and voice” from Martin Nievera
Dream project/role: Maybe a movie. To be in a love team. I want kilig factor like JaDine or something.
Dream leading lady: It should be Anne Curtis. She’s really charming and cute. 
Celebrity crushes: Anne Curtis and Karylle from It’s Showtime
Favorite movies: Bcuz of U, Avatar, and Titanic
Describe your dream date: Go to a fancy hotel and eat in a fancy restaurant and give very expensive diamond ring.
Describe your ideal girlfriend: She should be mabait first, always concentrating on her work or study and always think about her family. I want very lovable, lovely girl. 
Describe your ideal vacation: I want to visit Boracay talaga. I want to swim, I want to eat food there, I want to see the views. It’s my dream.
If you were stuck on an island, who do you want to be with and why? Maybe with my best friends so that we can survive. We can do whatever we want and we might have a great experience in surviving.
Favorite food: Sisig, adobo, sinigang, chicken inasal
Three things you always bring with you: Cellphone, lip balm, and watch
Collection: Shoes. I think I have more than 10, like 15 pairs of shoes. It’s not a lot but kind of collection. 
Who is/are your closest friend/s in showbiz: I can say among the Touristars, Ryan, the American. 
Pets: We have dogs in my house, huskies. They’re very cute, right? I think more than 10 huskies. We have a farm, husky farm kasi my family loves dogs more than me. (To take care of them), we just give food and water and we go out, exercise together.