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EXCLUSIVE: Is Arci Muñoz open to playing Darna?

Arci Munoz shares details of what’s next for her after ‘Pasion de Amor’ and ‘Always Be My Maybe.’

EXCLUSIVE: Is Arci Muñoz open to playing Darna?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


04/02/2016 09:49 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Is Arci Muñoz open to playing Darna?
040216-arci_main.jpgAfter the success of her television and movie projects, Arci Muñoz shared that she will star once again in a soap and a movie this year. “They already talked to me about doing another soap and we’ll be having a meeting with Star (Cinema) for another movie so ayun maybe I’m really looking forward to doing something different from Pasion (de Amor) and different from the movie so parang ang nakikita ko ang gusto nila drama ako on TV and then sa movie medyo light lang and which is very exciting for me and very challenging for me sa ayun I can’t wait, I really can’t wait,” she said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

When asked about the Kapamilya actors that she wants to work with, Arci replied, “Well like what I’ve said before on a soap kasi I really want to do something with Coco Martin pero I want to do something with Gerald (Anderson). I’m really comfortable with him eh and ano I think naman after ng Always Be My Maybe, na kaya naming sundan ulit ng something na light lang also and ‘yun comfortable na kasi ako sa kanya.”

On the qualities she admires the most about Gerald, she relayed, “As an actor he’s really a professional, very patient and very dedicated and as a person. He is genuinely kind and very generous ‘yun and I told him na ‘You know what, don’t change ha kasi I know a lot of people really admire you ‘cause you’re just yourself, sabi ko.” 

With the many projects and successes that are coming her way, Arci remarked that she is thankful to everyone who has given her a chance to showcase her talent. “I’m just really thankful sabi ko nga siguro pana-panahon lang talaga and I’ve prayed so much for this and finally somehow na napapansin and I’m really, really thankful. I promised my dad na I would keep my values intact whatever hindi ako magbabago, sabi ko sa dad ko. And I’m just really, really thankful and maybe kung sakaling magiging successful ako hindi ko makakalimutan na pasalamatan ang mga tao behind my success,” she said.

She hopes to inspire people from her life story especially when it comes to fulfilling one’s dream. “I think talaga people, they just grow. Ako kasi naranasan ko it’s the journey that made me di ba? It’s quite a long journey so ayon kung may matutunan man ang tao sa pinagdaanan ko sa showbiz, it’s just be patient and content and just be happy. Whatever will be, will be. Just pray hard. Don’t ever give up.”

Arci was also asked whether or not she is open to playing the Darna role. With still no news and confirmation of who will play the iconic Pinay superhero character, is she willing to portray the character if it will be offered to her? “It’s actually a big task, mahirap pero if I will be given a chance of course, who am I to say no? [It’s] like the biggest opportunity, biggest role that if ever na matatanggap at gagawin ko di ba so sino ba naman ako para humindi? If ever they are going to offer it and it’s really a big challenge for me kasi mahirap ‘yun, hindi siya basta basta, [pero] oo naman, of course.”