Paolo Onesa shifts to EDM music

Paolo Onesa talks about his new single ‘Find You.’

Paolo Onesa shifts to EDM music-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


04/18/2016 01:30 AM
Paolo Onesa shifts to EDM music
041916-paolo_PUSH.jpgPaolo Onesa is set to release his newest single ‘Find You’ off from his upcoming sophomore album. From singing ballad and jazz before, Paolo has chosen to shift to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) for his new single this time. 

“I honestly just wanted to try something new and fresh, it’s a genre, which I knew I could give a lot of creativity to it. And I feel like there's not that much EDM here in the Philippines. So I thought it would be nice to bring this style of music into our pop scene.”

The singer shared that he is very hands on in the creation of his new record. 

“An advantage in making this new album, is that I had control in making the music how I wanted it to sound, unlike the previous one. So this album really has personal touches here and there. And also, all songs in this album are originals. I take pride in that. All the other songs from his new record have EDM tune,” he said.

Paolo remarked that throughout the years, he has realized a lot of things when it comes to singing and the music industry. 

“There are a lot, too many to list down. But I think the main realization that I had, is simply just growing and maturing into this business. I learned about priorities and what works in this kind of business. I found my voice and the type of music i really wanted to do. And you'll be listening to it when the album comes out,” he remarked. 

Is he going to stage a concert soon? “I really do plan on doing a solo concert for my birthday on October. Hopefully I can do it at the music museum or wherever's good. I'm open to performing with any artist. Can't name one by now but eventually I'll figure it out by then.”

When asked if he will also try acting, Paolo replied, “As of now, I don't think that acting is not yet in my plans. Because acting is a different art form and it will take awhile to get used to. So I'd rather focus first on my art, music. Telling stories through music feels right for me. But I will not shy away from any opportunity along the way.”

As a product of a reality-singing competition, what is his advice to all the aspiring singers who want to try their luck in the music industry? 

“My first advice would be, make sure that music is what you really love doing, so that you’ll keep on doing it regardless of fame or the money. It should always be about the passion the love for music should always be there. And the money and fame will be an added bonus along the way. And another advice would be, find your voice and find the sound that suits you and makes you feel good. And lastly, have an open mind. Never stop dreaming and believing,” Paolo shared. 

courtesy: photo by Joseph Gatz