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Rica Peralejo wants to work with JaDine

Rica Peralejo admits she doesn’t mind playing mother roles.

Rica Peralejo wants to work with JaDine-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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04/16/2016 10:10 AM
Rica Peralejo wants to work with JaDine
041616-rica_main.jpgAfter lying low from showbiz, Rica Peralejo admitted that motherhood has really changed her priorities especially when it comes to career decisions. "Well when you become a mom everything changes (laughs). Your body, your emotions, but I think in that sense when it comes to the business side, I think I’m more mindful of the brands that I choose. It’s not anymore like when I was a teenager tapos we’re being asked to promote this or promote that and we just say yes to everything. Now it’s really more of you have to acknowledge that you have influence on a group of people and you have to be responsible about the things that you endorse di ba?” she shared.

Now focused on hosting, Rica said she is still open to acting. "You know what, I don’t miss showbiz. I do miss the craft. Kasi siyempre nasa akin pa rin yung skills na yun na na-acquire ko over the years. Like I can still sing. Naks! (laughs) And then host and act, yung ganun na parang nasanay ako for many years of my life I would do that. It’s like school for me everyday. So I do miss doing those things. I‘m not sure if I miss being the center of attention, yung alam mo yun na parang everyone’s on you. Oo masarap siya pero minsan din kasi when everyone is looking at you na-pa-paralyze ka on what to do,” she admitted.

The 35-year-old actress who got her start in showbiz on the children’s gag show Ang TV said she will even consider doing mother roles, as long as it means she’ll be working with James Reid and Nadine Lustre. "Oh yes. Believable ba? Siguro batang ina (laughs). No I mean yung age ko kasi. I’m 35 so is that believable? Unless mukha na talaga akong matanda (laughs). But I wouldn’t mind plus I like Jadine. Super fan pa ako so why not?’ she said.

Aside from working with James and Nadine, Rica said she has another condition for taking on an acting project in the future. "Malaking talent fee (laughs). Hindi joke lang. Yung number one talaga na lagi kong hinihingi is I’m W Talent Management right now and I was telling my manager na parang, ‘I would really only do those things again if I find that the project is something that has meaning for me personally and can contribute to your society.’ So parang yun yung number one factor. Siyempre the considerations of me being a mom so that’s my primary role, being in the household as a mom to my child and of course a wife to my husband. If I can keep that in order while I am doing the other things then why not?” she added.

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