Sweet to sultry: celebrities who sizzled their way from a carefree childhood to sexy adulthood

Sweet to sultry: celebrities who sizzled their way from a carefree childhood to sexy adulthood-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


04/13/2016 01:00 PM
Sweet to sultry: celebrities who sizzled their way from a carefree childhood to sexy adulthood

These actresses have transformed themselves into confident ladies who represent sexiness and women empowerment. Their growth throughout the years are nothing but breathtaking. Let us track back their beginnings and how they morphed into the stunning ladies that they are now: 

1. Sarah Lahbati


After winning a reality TV competition program, Sarah Lahbati became part of numerous television shows. She has been continually transforming before the public eye as she became committed to more challenging roles. Now that she’s a certified Kapamilya, Sarah has consistently been a head-turner especially with her ASAP dance performances. Her sizzling dance numbers are always a top online topic. But what makes her sexier is being a loving mom to her son Zion. Without a doubt, Sarah is one confident momma that every woman out there aspires to become.

2. Myrtle Sarossa

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Myrtle was known as the cosplayer who bagged the grand title in the season 4 of the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. Last 2014, Myrtle surprised everyone as she posed for the FHM magazine. She said that she decided to do it to evolve as an artist. “I guess I want to change from usual na because I’ve been used to ‘yung mga cute cosplays, ‘yung mga colorful dresses but ngayon I want to transition into something sexier, something more different something na mas aabangan ng tao.” She was also launched as one of the Star Magic Angels. 

3. Ella Cruz

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She was popularly known as the cute little girl in the Sunday kiddie show Goin Bulilit. After her stint in the show, she was launched as the mermaid girl named Aryana. Years have passed and Ella showcased another side of herself by posting dance videos of the latest sexy tunes. Her videos have gone viral and her popularity ballooned even more. As she dances her way through superstardom, Ella has also transformed into the gorgeous woman that she is now. 

4. Jessy Mendiola

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With perseverance, she worked her way to become one of the bankable actresses of her generation. Her star shone even brighter when she was launched as “Maria Mercedes”. Jessy remained unstoppable after that and became one of the icons of sexiness and confidence in the industry. 

5. Roxanne Barcelo

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She rose to popularity after being part of a teen television show. She starred in numerous programs which showcased her acting prowess throughout the years. In 2013, Roxanne posed for FHM magazine and various magazine covers later on. With her curves and her beauty, she has become one of the stunners in the entertainment industry.