LOOK: Cris Villonco’s bridal shower

LOOK: Cris Villonco’s bridal shower-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


04/13/2016 01:10 PM
LOOK: Cris Villonco’s bridal shower

Six weeks ago, singer-actress Cris Villonco shared on her Instagram that she got engaged to her boyfriend Paolo Valderrama, who is the brother of singer-actress Shiela Valderrama-Martinez. The Valderrama sisters and Cris’s friends recently threw a bridal shower for her and she expressed her gratitude through Instagram.

“Trying to flash a big smile despite the tears running down my face. Incredibly grateful to these wonderful ladies and gent for this unforgettable shower. I'd never thought I'd experience something like this and who would've thought that the Valderrama sisters would be the ones to provide such entertainment! Again, thank you for being there to celebrate with me. I am so incredibly lucky to be welcomed by these crazy strong and independent women.... Here's to the exciting times ahead! I love you!” she wrote.

The many ways to enjoy a pen!s pop! Thank you to everyone for being ready and open to anything ????

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Today's bridal shower set-up at @suloriviera Divino Lounge for Cris #thebakerswife2016

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Themed Dessert station, Gift corner and props table for the Bridal Shower activities. #thebakerswife2016 ??????

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