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Vivian Velez resigns from “Tubig at Langis”

The veteran actress reveals she is at odds with fellow “Tubig at Langis” star Cristine Reyes.

Vivian Velez resigns from “Tubig at Langis”-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


03/08/2016 02:35 AM
Vivian Velez resigns from “Tubig at Langis”

030716-viven_up.jpgNetizens are abuzz over Tubig at Langis star Vivian Velez announcement on Facebook that she is leaving the show for good.

“With much trepidation, I would like to tender my immediate irrevocable resignation, effective immediately, from the show, 'Tubig at Langis.' I have never been so upset and humiliated by an actress in my entire career spanning four decades!” The veteran actress wrote.


When asked who the actress was, she told Pep.ph that it’s Cristine Reyes.

In previous weeks, Vivian has been hinting that a co-star of hers has an ‘attitude’ and many speculated that it was Isabelle Daza.

However, the veteran star only has good words for Isabelle.

“Yes [it’s Cristine], no one else... Isabelle Daza is such a sweet lady. She was crying for me so hard when the incident happened. She can't imagine if this was done to her mom.”

Vivian also shared how she was treated by Cristine.

“The straw that broke the camel's back was when we shared a designated standby room and she asked me to leave the room because she wants it only for her own.

“She bangs the doors, shouted at me. She keeps on singing 'Goodbye, Farewell' in front of my face while we are rehearsing.

“She complained to the production staff why they are nice to me and she should be the priority all the time. And many other instances of rudeness that is uncalled for.”

The actress also said that ‘it has been happening for a month now’ and Zanjoe even got involved to fix the situation.

“It's been happening for a month now but the room incident happened a week ago and then last night. It was the rudest thing anyone had ever done to me. Last night in Bulacan, while we were rehearsing for a scene. I was crying my heart out. Zanjoe was the one who made awat. He was such a gentleman. He accompanied to my car and said sorry that this happened to me. Isabelle and Ms. Tet, the producer, never left my side and cried with me.”

Vivian is meeting the management of “Tubig at Langis” today but she said her decision is irrevocable.

As of this writing, Cristine has yet to air her side on the issue.