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EXCLUSIVE: Karel Marquez on being a single mom: ‘It is a blessing!’

Karel Marquez shares why she is lucky to have two beautiful kids.

EXCLUSIVE: Karel Marquez on being a single mom: ‘It is a blessing!’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/04/2016 09:30 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Karel Marquez on being a single mom: ‘It is a blessing!’
030416-karel_main.jpgAs part of Star Circle Batch 10, Karel Marquez started out in the industry along with Bea Alonzo, Dennis Trillo, TJ Trinidad, and Alfred Vargas. As a former MYX VJ, Karel said she misses her former job when she was just starting out. "I miss just introducing music videos and listening to the latest tunes because music is my passion and that's probably why I got the VJ job when I was a teen because it was so natural to me that I felt like I was getting paid to have fun and it was a real blessing to experience that at such a young age. If I had other offers for hosting or acting on TV, I would still do so. Why not?” she told Push.com.ph.

The 50 Shades: The Musical star said she has also graduated to doing more mature roles after gaining more experience in showbiz and starting a family. "I've always been comfortable. I've done sexy magazine shoots and all. I guess it's just how people see me just because I am in a certain program or channel. But I've always been comfortable, I am just naturally soft-spoken and sweet that's why. And, I am 30 this year. I can do mommy roles as well,” she explained.

As a mom to her kids Keiley and Kyler, Karel says she does not want to be too strict nor too lenient. "I am a little bit of both. I hate comparing myself to other parents because we really do have our own ways on how to bring up our children. I am just extremely blessed that if you even meet my kids in the flesh, they never had any form of tantrums their whole lives, are straight-A students, are the most respectful and sweetest kids I know,” she said.

After splitting with her kid’s father in 2011, Karel described how her single parenthood has been like for the past five years. "The challenge for me is not even thinking that it is a challenge because it is a blessing! And because of that, my kids are amazing! They're beautiful, God-fearing, talented in their own ways, extremely smart, and have really, really kind hearts. I always taught them how to have a good heart and respect each other. They pray everyday as well and I think that's a big factor on why they are very good kids,” she added.

Karel also admitted that she is happy with her boyfriend whom she has been dating for the past five years. 

In the 50 Shades musical parody under 9 Works Theatrical, Karel plays the role of Anastacia Steele. Karel said that even though she admits she was initially hesitant to do the role, she has learned from it as well. "Let's just say we shouldn't be too shy to express ourselves and have more confidence in ourselves,” she said.

50 Shades: The Musical Parody runs all weekends until March 20. Tickets are available at SM Tickets, Ticketworld and Ticketnet outlets. For more information about the show, visit www.50shadesmanila.com. Produced by Vivre Fort Entertainment and 9Works Theatricals