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EXCLUSIVE: Is Ylona Garcia pressured about winning on Himig Handog 2016?

Ylona recalls that she and Bailey just ‘let it out’ while recording their song

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


03/28/2016 12:45 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Is Ylona Garcia pressured about winning on Himig Handog 2016?
032816-Ylonna_headline.jpgTeen star Ylona Garcia is very pleased to know that many are enjoying her and love team Bailey May’s first-ever song interpretation for the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Song.

Bailey and Ylona were tapped to interpret Honlani Rabe and Jack Rufo’s “O Pag-ibig” in the annual songwriting contest.

In an exclusive interview with PUSH at the Diana Stalder CEO Dina Stalder’s birthday bash, Ylona just shrugged off the idea of being “concerned” about winning the tilt.

“Well I just hope that song really makes people happy,” she said.

She then continued, “I think it’s the number one most viral on Spotify and I’m just really happy that the people love it. I just get the happy and jumpy vibes when I listen to it so I’m really happy that the people love it. If it comes number 1, number 2 or number 3 or anything, it’s just a bonus.”

BaiLona’s Himig Handog entry is apparently their second recording together. The first time that the two recorded former housemates’ Sam Milby and Say Alonzo’s “Magmahal Muli” during their stint at the Pinoy Big Brother house last year.

“I think the thing that was different there is that the first time we recorded we were just very awkward with each other kasi when we were in PBB we recorded it after a few weeks in the house,” she said about their first-ever duet.

This time though, Ylona said that she and Bailey were more at ease while recording their Himig Handog song.

“I think from the first time when Bailey and I recorded a duet together, we weren’t really close.  We were so awkward with each other.  Now, we’re like really close. We’re like best friends. We’re really good friends. I love him and he’s a good pal,” she described the Filipino-British teen.

Meanwhile, Ylona seemed unruffled that they are both the youngest interpreters in the competition. 

Ylona, who is no stranger to singing and who is set to release her album soon, said she and Bailey, who just released his album last January, both had a grand time recording the song.

“Well, to be honest, when Bailey and I first listened to the song we really liked it. ‘Yun lang. We just went to the flow,” she said. “With the song naman you don’t have to ‘Oh my God I have to do good in this song.  I have to do this and that.’ When we were in the studio, we just let it out. We didn’t really care what’s going to happen, we just let it out.”

If the competition would follow the same format that it had for years, chances are there would be a voting component before they announce the winner.

How does she think BaiLona fans would fare on that?

“Oh my it reminds me of PBB! Well, I wish them luck with whatever they are going to do online. Thank you to the BaiLona supporters and Bailey supporters and Ylona supporters. Thank you guys,” she ended.