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Piolo Pascual admits he feels intimidated by Dawn Zulueta

Piolo Pascual talks about shooting scenes with his newest leading ladies in ‘Love Me Tomorrow.’

Piolo Pascual admits he feels intimidated by Dawn Zulueta-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/20/2016 12:51 AM
Piolo Pascual admits he feels intimidated by Dawn Zulueta
031916-piolo_main.jpgAs his latest film Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis starts its commercial run on March 26, Piolo Pascual urged fans and movie lovers to watch the award-winning film that was recently well-received at the Berlinale Film Festival last February. "At the end of the day when I saw it, I was preparing myself for eight hours. I was surprised because from my perspective, all the people in front of me didn’t even stand up for four hours and then we had an intermission of an hour and then another four hours nobody stood up. That’s how much they respect the cinema. And for me, I was surprised to have that kind of patience to withstand an eight hour film,” he told Push.com.ph.

The Kapamilya hunk has been actively campaigning for the Lav Diaz film on his social media account and he explained why. "It’s a treat. It’s like watching a whole series in one sitting. And with the kind of story that direk Lav (Diaz) has, it’s not single track. It has different journeys and multiple concepts and ang sarap ma-experience. I won’t mind watching it over again because there are things you learn from the film. Hindi naman siya typical film eh. It’s historical, there’s fiction and there’s myth so it’s good to study. It’s good for film students. To be given that kind of recognition internationally is good for our culture so that alone you’ll have to watch the film for it,” he said.

In his latest Star Cinema project Love Me Tomorrow, Piolo finally gets to work with Dawn Zulueta and Coleen Garcia. "We’re in full swing already shooting. I had a love scene with Coleen and had a very intimate kind of funny scene with Ms. Dawn already. It’s forming well, maganda yung whole shoot almost every day since we already have a playdate. With Coleen nag-bonding kami. Iba rin yung character ni Coleen. I’m excited because I get the chance to work with her and here we are. I’m friends with Billy (Crawford) so mas maganda rin yung relationship that we’re forming. Because we’re on the same page in terms of what we want to achieve for the film. So that alone and for her tender age she already has the kind of responsibility and discipline. Nakakadala,” he shared.

Piolo also shared why he also felt intimidated by Dawn Zulueta. "I’m overwhelmed. Si Ms. Dawn is always take one. So I thought siya yung maiilang sa role sa movie. Pero ako pa yung na-intimidate kasi parang sabi ko yung movie is closer to my character. But when she came to the set there was this one scene that we took na sumasayaw kami. Siya yung game na game. Wow, I was floored because she as really letting loose. It was her character. So that gave me so much excitement na parang sabi ko sa sarili ko, ‘Marami ata kaming puwedeng gawin ni Ms. Dawn and Coleen dito.’ Yung willingness niya to just give it her best. Ang sarap nung feeling na we’re all in this together. We’re working with a very young director who is very brilliant and even us na-su-surprise kami kasi iba yung style niya. But once you watch it wow ibang klase. Dawn is a delight to watch. She’s so cute. Ibang klase. Until now I’m still star struck. Yung makatrabaho ko si Ms. Dawn Zulueta. It’s a blessing,” he added.