Five showbiz conflicts we’d like to see resolved

Since it is the season of compassion an forgiveness…

Five showbiz conflicts we’d like to see resolved-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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03/19/2016 12:27 PM
Five showbiz conflicts we’d like to see resolved

With Holy Week happening next week, Push lists down past and longstanding rifts in showbiz that could probably follow their lead or perhaps go further by patching things up. After all, lent is about forgiveness, sacrifice, and compassion.

1. Jose Javier Reyes and Alfie Lorenzo 


The showbiz personalities’ spat was made public when Regal Matriarch Lily Monteverde got into a shouting match with Alfie almost two years ago after the feisty manager called the box office director “malas.”

Young superstar Judy Ann Santos was among the ones who got affected by the incident as Alfie was her manager while Jose was her director in her past Metro Manila Film Festival films. 

2. Gretchen Barretto and Dawn Zulueta


Almost a decade ago, beautiful actresses Gretchen and Dawn got into a heated argument when the former’s supposed “prima donna” behavior did not sit well with the latter during a commercial shoot. While reports had it that the two were able to patch things up months later, reports last year seemed to have hinted otherwise.

Reporters noticed during last year’s Preview Ball that the two seemed to have deliberately avoided each other. 

3. Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista


Since the rumored airport altercation between Heart’s mother, Cecilia Ongpauco, and Marian happened almost five years ago, the two actresses have been incessantly pitted against each other. While none of them directly acknowledged such rivalry, their fans have been fighting online and bashing their respective idols’ rival since then.

Marian, in an interview last year, shared that she just wants to keep her life positive.

4. Marjorie, Claudine, and Gretchen Barretto


While it was reported in 2007 that the sisters patched things up, it seems that it remains to be an impossible event to happen anytime soon. The spat that between the sisters divided the Barretto clan started after Gretchen claimed and offered to help her younger sister Claudine who was then supposedly into illegal drugs. Their parents Inday and Miguel sided with Claudine while the other siblings split their allegiances. 

The spat started in 2013 but according to their brother Jay-Jay, “Claudine has been provoking Gretchen for so long.” The incident went on to involve other people including Claudine’s ex-husband Raymart and their house help and even their respective children.

Last year though, Marjorie’s daughter Julia was able to have her fighting aunties attend her 18th birthday party 

5. Maricar Sebastian and Mich Liggayu


After one half of the real life couple and YouTube sensation Jam Sebastian of JaMich passed away a year ago, a conflict between his mother Maricar and girlfriend Mich surfaced. Among the reasons cited by Maricar was the fact that Mich supposedly pocketed all the earnings of their YouTube channel and that she was supposedly cheating on Jam even when he was still alive.

Mich however denied the allegations and claimed that her family has been reaching out to Jam’s family.