EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Esguerra on making it in showbiz: ‘I want this to happen’

Tommy Esguerra reveals his showbiz inspirations.

EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Esguerra on making it in showbiz: ‘I want this to happen’-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


03/19/2016 12:47 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Esguerra on making it in showbiz: ‘I want this to happen’
031816-TommyEsguerra_PUSH.jpgNow that his acting career is already in full swing, Tommy Esguerra shared his experiences so far of being part of showbiz. According to the Kapamilya star, he is still adjusting when it comes to time-management and schedules. 
“It’s good, mahirap minsan dahil there are crazy time crazy schedules but I want this, you know, I want this to happen so I make it happen. I’m still adjusting. At first it was really hard just to get used to the time schedules and staying up super late and sometimes not eating or sleeping because back-to-back we’re doing projects but I want this so I’ll do anything it takes to make it happen,” he said in an interview with Push.com.ph

He stated that he has still a lot of things to work on especially his Tagalog so he really finds time for it amid his busy schedule. “That’s my biggest problem at the moment is balancing my time because after how many hours and whole day of taping sometimes you just want to relax, sometimes I just want to do nothing but then I have so much to work on. I am not there yet. My Tagalog hindi pa magaling, my Tagalog is not good, my body is still skinny, I am starting working out though, it’s hard to do the time management in showbiz but I know I can do it. Being around celebrities I’m trying to get as much tips from everyone like time management, what’s the easiest way to learn Tagalog.”

When it comes to honing his craft, Tommy shared who inspires him the most. “There’s a lot, there’s Gerald Anderson, there is James Reid and there is Daniel Matsunaga.”

He said that he looks up to Daniel because just like him, Daniel was also a former model who joined show business. ”For me Daniel because he’s hard-working. He is really a determined lad. He is super masipag sobrang sipag siya and he came from PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) as well and he learned Tagalog and he had to get into showbiz life from modeling. So the fact that he did it and he is pushing hard and he’s working hard and look where he is at, that’s a real inspiration.”

Meanwhile, he relayed that he looks up to Gerald because of the actor’s fluency in Tagalog. “It’s the same he came from PBB, he started learning Tagalog and I think among all the actors that had to learn Tagalog, Gerald Anderson is the most fluent. His Tagalog might be better than some natural Filipinos here in the Philippines. He has very good Tagalog so I look up to him for that. He’s super smart.”

Meanwhile he said that he looks up to James because of his acting skills and the latter’s palpable chemistry with Nadine Lustre. “And then James Reid because of his acting [skills] and his chemistry with Nadine is amazing like you watch them and you can’t help but feel kilig no matter what.”