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EXCLUSIVE: Piolo Pascual does not want to be a stage dad: ‘Hindi ako nangingialam’

Piolo Pascual shares why he does not meddle in Inigo Pascual’s career.

EXCLUSIVE: Piolo Pascual does not want to be a stage dad: ‘Hindi ako nangingialam’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/16/2016 12:48 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Piolo Pascual does not want to be a stage dad: ‘Hindi ako nangingialam’
031516-PioloPascual_PUSH.jpgWith the finale of his son Inigo Pascual’s first ever teleserye And I Love You So last week, Piolo Pascual admitted that his son was still adjusting to the change during their final week of taping. “He was getting stressed over the fact that he’s going to be missing his cast-mates. It’s his first soap and he’s having separation anxiety and I said that’s really how it is. When you start something, it has to have an ending and then you move on to the next. That’s how it is,” he told Push.com.ph.

The Kapamilya hunk who is busy promoting the Lav Diaz-film Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis said he is confident that his son is surrounded by the right people. “He’s enjoying it. I’m excited for him because it means that he’s not just limited to the things those things that are given to him. So at least he is able to diversify. Now he’s into singing. He’s going to release his album. He’s good. I have our (Star Magic) parents Ms. Mariole (Alberto) and Mr. M (Johnny Manahan) guiding him, there’s the backing of his management Cornerstone Mr. Erickson (Raymundo) who is my best friend so hindi na ako nangingialam because he also has a mom. So kung makikisama pa ako, eh lalake naman yun siguro kung babae puwedeng possessive ako or protective but mas gusto ko na siya mismo yung gumawa ng kailangan niyang gawin for him to learn,” he explained.

According to the Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis star, he is not the type of parent who will be a stage dad even if he is already considered a veteran in the business. “In all honesty I’m trying to stay away from whatever that has to do with my son if it’s not serious naman. Because I want him to tread his own path. I don’t want to be telling him or spoon feeding him because I want him to learn the ropes and just really becoming a better actor,” he admitted.

Piolo believes that Inigo should be able to learn from his own experiences. “Pag matumba yung bata he has to get up and learn from it and become a better person. Learn from the experiences. That’s how I learned. If you’re going to baby the person hindi yan matututo,” he added.

When asked to explain what kind of father he is offcam, Piolo said he is very close to his son and he tries to impart everything he can. “The other day he was telling me that he was going to miss his cousin that left for the States. Kasi he’s an only boy. He’s my only son. He said, ‘He’s like a kuya to me.’ I told him, ‘How I wish I could be more of a kuya to you’ and then he goes, ‘You’re my dad!’ (laughs). I’m a very cool dad. Once na may problema I don’t let it pass. I have always have to make sure na we talk about it and that he learns from his own mistakes. Hindi ako nagger eh and I want to be on his own. I want him to be independent and I want him to have his own identity. Because the thing that people say that he’s always living in my shadow. it’s a given. I told him it’s a phase. We talk about it. Sabi ko, ‘Whatever happens just don’t be consumed by what people say, learn from this experience because it’s going to make you a better person. It’s a phase. It’s inevitable. You’re going to be compared to me. They’re going to say all these things.’I told him to take in the good things and learn from it,” he said. 

One of the bonding activities that he enjoys with his son at the moment is DJ-ing. “I should say I’ve been bitten by the bug. Pagkagising ko minsan diretso ako dun and I’m in the zone. Mag-isa lang ako sa bahay. Kasi parang I’ve always wanted to spin. I think every guy naman ang sarap nung nakakapag-DJ and to be able to switch songs and from your own music from your own collection. So I’m excited. I wake up or before I sleep I try to really learn my role and just immerse. So ang ganda lang. Si Inigo kasi is also into it. It’s like our bonding ngayon,” he shared.