SPECIAL FEATURE: Mounting health concerns led to Kris Aquino’s TV departure

SPECIAL FEATURE: Mounting health concerns led to Kris Aquino’s TV departure-Gerry  Plaza
Gerry Plaza


03/10/2016 11:11 AM
SPECIAL FEATURE: Mounting health concerns led to Kris Aquino’s TV departure

It’s either you love her or hate her for whatever reason, but one thing is certain—she has made an indelible mark in our consciousness as a television viewer. 

And, with her departure from the Kapamilya network, where she held fort for 20 years, we can’t deny that despite the brickbats or criticisms she gets, Kris Aquino will be missed as she definitely made TV worth watching, provocative, and entertaining throughout those two decades.

While she considers this as a mere hiatus from the industry and would come back soon, Kris considers this as an opportunity to not only spend more time with sons Josh and Bimby, but also allow herself to focus more on her health and wellness. This became a specific concern lately for Kris, as she had been an increasing number of ailments that sidelined her recently.

Mounting ailments
In December 2014, Kris said her body just “gave up” as she suffered a severe allergic reaction after mistakenly taking Bimby’s Ibupropen pill, to which she is allergic. She had complained of body pains before inadvertently ingesting the medicine, which caused swelling. 

In August last year, Kris was rushed to the hospital as she was taping for her morning show Kris TV after suffering from a severe vascular headache and hypertension that led to constant vomiting. As she reached Medical City, her blood pressure shot up to 200/110, bordering on a stroke.

Doctors discovered in September that she had anemia, wherein she was found to have a low amount of healthy red blood cells, that could have led to a more serious heart disease.   

All of these are attributed to her hectic work schedule and stress in fulfilling her professional obligations. And, after her siblings had raised concerns about how her work is taking a serious toll on her health, Kris decided on the sabbatical from showbiz to give herself the chance to completely heal from her ailments. 

A healthy mother
“My sons and I will travel, we’ll move to our new home, and I’ll eat healthy, sleep early, exercise regularly, and live quietly—everything to make sure Kuya Josh and Bimb have a healthy mother,” Kris vowed in an Instagram post Tuesday.

“Just like all of you, I love my FAMILY. My most valuable life destiny is to be Mama to KUYA JOSH and BIMBY; and to be a loving selfless sister to ATE (Ballsy), Pinky, Noy, and Viel: a BUNSO who doesn’t give them constant worry because of my health and safety,” she further said. 
Kris, being the “SOLE provider” of her sons, instead will concentrate on other business interests, such as fast food franchising, which she will do “away from the stress of the limelight.”
Unlike what she said about being easily “replaced and soon forgotten,” Kris is one unforgettable personality that will leave a large void in television. 

Impeccable host
Her impeccable style at hosting, starting with “Today with Kris Aquino” in 1996, was a great morning draw as she drew housewives and househelpers to all the burning topics and engaging segments in the show. This opened the doors to other morning gigs, such as “Morning Girls with Kris and Korina,” “Boy and Kris,”  and “Good Morning, Kris,” which all tackled personal lifestyle-based concerns, including relationships, finances, and health. 

But everyone knew Kris as the premier, multi-award-winning entertainment female TV talk show host in “The Buzz” with Boy Abunda, which made her a by-word in showbiz and gave her an immediate mass-based following.  

Kris also became the country’s top game show host, calling the shots for “Game KNB,” “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal,” and “Wheel of Fortune,” which made the format encroach into primetime TV with much success. 
She then co-hosted “Showbiz News Ngayon,” a current affairs-type entertainment evening newscast also with Boy before resigning in 2010, when brother Noy became Philippine president. 

A year after, Kris returned on ABS-CBN to host a morning lifestyle program, “Kris TV,” veering away from the gossip-based entertainment shows she had been known for. 

But in 2014, Kris went back to the entertainment genre and reunited with Boy Abunda in “The Buzz” and “Aquino and Abunda Tonight,” a bit-sized, fast-paced primetime talk show with primarily showbiz guests as interviewees. Both shows were cancelled the next year, after Kris begged off from the grueling hosting chores after she said her brother wanted her to dedicate more time for family. 

Since then, Kris only hosted her co-production with ABS-CBN, “Kris TV,” which will air its final episode on March 23.