Director Wenn Deramas leaves his legacy as a fun blockbuster director who inspires

Director Wenn Deramas leaves his legacy as a fun blockbuster director who inspires-Gerry  Plaza
Gerry Plaza


03/01/2016 12:58 PM
Director Wenn Deramas leaves his legacy as a fun blockbuster director who inspires
Who could ever believe that an incredible filmmaking genius—one who never fails to draw the best laughs, the worst screams, the most intense sobs, and insane shrieks from his blockbusters—would be one day leave us so suddenly?

Gone too soon as he just accomplished his last, most successful movie to date that has become what we all could remember him by—Star Cinema’s Beauty and The Bestie. A departure seen as an end of an era in local cinema, which was endowed with the gift of fun under his able hands.

Best deal

Director Wenn Deramas is a name we always equate with a movie we all want to see, or a teleserye we would certainly want to watch.

For him, the best deal is in the package itself—not only bringing in an ensemble cast into his movie or teleserye, but also injecting the most winsome and effective ingredients that make it a big winner at the tills.

His knack at comedy is his most unforgettable might, bringing out the best in such comics as Vice Ganda, Joey Paras, Eugene Domingo, and Ai-Ai delas Alas. Through his magic wand at directing, he made these comedians not only superb with their craft but also closer to—if not completely capture—the hearts of the audience.

His blockbusters

In the Tanging Ina series, while we all laughed out really loud at Ai-Ai’s antics, it was the way he mixed a heartwarming and touching tale of a sacrificing mother for her hordes of children and the sidesplitting circumstances that go with and come up with ingenious, witty scenes really made it unforgettable.

For all those blockbuster films he directed for Vice Ganda, while he did discover and amplify the ace comedian’s talent of delivery, timing, and natural wit, Direk Wenn pushed Vice to levels he himself has never foreseen with insanely humorous situations, bewitching yet relatable characterizations, surprising twists, and of course those cunning and comely scenes with his male leads.

Who could also forget how he catapulted Claudine Barretto and the late Rico Yan to stellar heights with his teleserye masterpiece, Mula Sa Puso? Direk Wenn’s first TV drama series became one of the most endearing and followed teleseryes of all time not only because of the way he carved out the finest in his talents but more so adding compelling and provocative elements in story development and production executions. 

Most impressive accomplishment

Looking at all his accomplishments, the most impressive thing about Direk Wenn is his finding the right formula to churn out the country’s biggest movie blockbusters of all time, each year. People just keep coming back to see his film, twice, thrice, four to even 10 times! That doesn’t include those DVD purchases or reruns on cable. All of these seem fresh on everyone’s minds, and never forgotten.

How does he do it? It is his brilliant familiarity with the real norms and quirks of the Filipino, and how he infuses it in the most grand compelling, humorous, entertaining way possible in his movies. And of course, the trust he gives his talents in churning out the best.

Thus, Direk Wenn’s title blockbuster director—a streak that has earned billions of pesos—is a true indication of his mastery of the Filipino’s heart and what really tickles them most.