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Ellen Adarna admits she wants to remain single: ‘Hindi pa ako na-lo-lonely’

Ellen Adarna shares why she enjoys life without a boyfriend this year.

Ellen Adarna admits she wants to remain single: ‘Hindi pa ako na-lo-lonely’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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02/04/2016 02:37 AM
Ellen Adarna admits she wants to remain single: ‘Hindi pa ako na-lo-lonely’
020316-ellen_main.jpgAfter admitting to dating her Pasion de Amor co-star Ejay Falcon last year, Ellen Adarna said they are back to being friends again this year. "Wala. Focus muna kami sa Pasion de Amor. Tapos hindi kami nag-usap for a long time. Pero okay na kami ngayon. I gave him a chance. Alam naman ng lahat yun di ba? Ang hirap kasi eh. We dated pero hindi lang nag-bloom (laughs). He was really super nice and sweet. Very very,” she shared during the Pasion de Amor finale presscon held last January 29 inside ABS-CBN where it was announced that the popular telenovela is on its last four week run.

The 27-year-old actress said that even though Ejay admitted he felt a natural kind of sexual tension with her on the set, she did not feel the same. "Ako hindi. I think it’s a guy thing. Pero ako when we have a love scene or a kissing scene ang hirap, it’s so uncomfortable. Kasi may camera, may ilaw, yung position so hindi ko talaga naiiisip yung na-ho-horny ako (laughs). Hindi talaga. It’s not sexy at all for me when I’m doing the scene. It’s not hard because he’s very attractive and guwapo and nice but if we’re talking about the scene, yung sexual tension pag nandun, parang hindi (laughs),” she admitted.

During their first shooting day of an intimate scene, Ellen said she tried her best to make her leading man feel comfortable, "Sabi ko, ‘You can do whatever you want ha hindi ako ma-o-offend. Para matapos na natin itong eksenang ito. Makauwi na tayo.’ Nahihiya pa siya sa akin so parang I had to let him know it was okay.”

Even though she had been quoted as calling Ejay “immature” in interviews last year, Ellen said her view of him has improved this year. "Compared to before, mahaba-haba na rin (panahon). Okay na kasi kami kaya hindi ko na siya tinatawag na immature (laughs). Nung time na yun hindi pa kami okay but okay na, kaya naman na. Nag-away lang kami nun and then we didn’t talk from there. Sa amin na lang yun,” she said.

When asked if she would give Ejay a second chance if he courted her again, Ellen said she would not closing her doors permanently. "Ano muna, tapusin muna namin yung show. Ang daming nangyari nung time na yun. May one month pa (yung show),” she added.

After separating from her non-showbiz boyfriend last year, Ellen shared why she would like to remain single this year. "Hindi ko alam. I think I’m going through a phase or nag-ku-quarter life crisis pa ako (laughs). Kasi since I had my first boyfriend hindi na ako naging bakante. Meron talaga akong boyfriend palagi. And actually I am having fun na I’m single kasi ngayon ko lang siya na-e-enjoy na ganito pala,” she shared.

Known as one of the sexiest women in the country, Ellen said she is not interested in dating right now. "Hindi pa ako ready. Hindi pa talaga. Okay kung mangyari pero right now hindi pa talaga ako ready. Baka mag-cha-change yan when I meet someone but if that’s the case hindi ko pa siya na-meet but wala pa akong gana. And I’m happy. I’m happy alone. I have a lot of plans to travel so hindi ko pa siya naisip pa. Hindi pa ako na-lo-lonely,” she admitted.