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Abby Asistio conquers Facebook

Former ‘The Voice’ contestant Abby Asistio meets Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg along with 19 others for FB’s ‘Friends’ Day.

Abby Asistio conquers Facebook-Jeff  Fernando
Jeff Fernando

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02/03/2016 09:00 AM
Abby Asistio conquers Facebook
020316-abby1_main.jpgSinger, songwriter, host, and alopecia awareness advocate Abby Asistio was the only Filipina among 20 hand-picked Facebook users from Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Germany, the U. S. A., and the Philippines who had the privilege of meeting and sharing stories with American computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, philanthropist, and chairman, chief executive and co-founder of the social networking website Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, last February 2.

Mark shared the purpose, mission, and desire of the organization to use Facebook to connect people and make this world a better place. Abby shared her own story among six others, who were given the chance to speak during the special whole day event. From over 1.64 billion subscribers, Abby was chosen as one of about 20 invitees to FB's “Friends' Day” in celebration of its 12th anniversary. The chosen Facebook friends were treated to a special sharing session with the FB founder as well as COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Abby was flown in from the Philippines by Facebook because of her compelling journey with the auto-immune disease, Alopecia Areata. A fellow advocate, Rachel Regal, of Faith, U. S. A., sent her story to the Facebook team. Rachel was so depressed, but the story of Abby, which she found online, and the song “Beautiful” inspired her to start a friendship with Abby. Their friendship was sealed and Facebook documented their first meeting in July 2015, created a story and posted it on their Facebook Stories page in October of the same year.

Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management, Inc., Abby's representative, has been given clearance to release her exclusive photo with Mark Zuckerberg and Rachel which was taken last February 2 (Manila time) at the Facebook compound in Northern California, U. S. A. Mark, Rachel and Abby made the Alopecia Aerata hand sign which Abby created for the #alopeciaawarenesscampaign in September 2012. 

Abby was featured in the Elements Camp in 2011, on ABS-CBN's The Voice Philippines in 2014 and was chosen as one of Mega Magazine's Most Beautiful Women of 2014. She is one of Belo Medical Group's Philippine Ambassadors and was tapped to endorse the hair loss prevention product, Novuhair in 2014. She, likewise, composed the “Happiest Pinoy” song for Cebuana Lhulillier and her song, “When I'm With You,” was the second most requested song for 2014 onMagic 89.9. She represented the Philippines in Singapore's “All That Matters Live” music conference in 2015. 

Abby was the closing speaker for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation Conference held in California, U. S. A. In that same year, she released her self-titled debut album.