Liza Soberano reveals she will be hurt if Enrique Gil ends up with someone else

LizQuen reveals they do say ‘I love you’ to each other.

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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02/15/2016 09:59 AM
Liza Soberano reveals she will be hurt if Enrique Gil ends up with someone else
021516-lizquen_PUSH.jpgOn Gandang Gabi Vice, Dolce Amore stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil admit where they really are relationship-wise. When asked if they are already an item, Enrique said, “Parang ganun po. Kahit hindi pa talaga parang ganun na rin e. Kahit na ang label hindi pa ganun, ang importante yung feeling ganun.” 

Liza revealed that even her Dad gives them the chance to, “get to know each other better in a romantic point of view siguro.” 

The actress said she is happy that Enrique has a lot of admirers but he added, “Minsan nagseselos (siya), ako din…” 

Enrique then explained when Liza has too many admirers it gets to a point where he thinks, “Akin yan…” When asked if she feels the same in this situation, Liza replied, “In a way.” 

The two exchange “I love yous” to each other but Liza clarified hers is “Alam mo yung I love you na friendly.” 

Nonetheless, Liza said she will be very hurt if Enrique ends up having a relationship with another girl. “Oo, well kasi may mga promises siya so pag nag-girlfriend siya ewan ko na lang diyan.” She also shared that Enrique promises her that “Hindi siya mag-girlfriend at ikaw (Liza) lang.” She even said he can’t text other girls.  

Liza insisted she doesn’t read messages on Enrique’s phone but her ka-love team said she does. Liza laughed and said the only time she read his phone was when she knew he was hiding a surprise from her, the surprise being that her Mom was going to visit them in New York when they went on tour. 

Vice Ganda revealed that Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber follows Liza on Twitter. On how he feels about this, Enrique said, “Alam ko naman kasi even before na fan na fan niya si Justin Bieber.  Alam ko kahit crush niya, kahit fan niya, alam ko naman ako ang love niya e.”