Angel Locsin explains why she deleted her Instagram post about Luis Manzano

Angel Locsin replies to a comment on her Instagram.

Joan Leary


02/15/2016 05:00 PM
Angel Locsin explains why she deleted her Instagram post about Luis Manzano
021516-Angel_PUSH.jpgWhen actress Angel Locsin went to Singapore for another operation on her disc bulge last February 12, she reposted a video of Luis Manzano singing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” on her Instagram. 

"On the eve of my neck procedure, I saw my ex singing "love yourself" sa myx ig. Kung umiyak na kayo sa taong paulit-ulit kang sinaktan. Pls like this.#mabuhayangtangasapagibig," Angel wrote on her post. 

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After making headlines that she already called Luis her ex, she deleted the said post on Instagram. A netizen with a username @thisisjos19 asked her why she removed the post after it has already made people mad at the Pilipinas Got Talent host.

“Why did you delete your post about Luis? Now, people are mad at him, if you really love him, you could’ve protected him and confronted him about it. Remember, when Myx posted that exact video, you even liked it. Now, you can never change it, it’s out there. Never make decisions when you’re emotional. His family welcomed you, warmly,” said the netizen.


Angel noticed the comment on her page and she replied, “I did ask him about it. I won’t kwento na the details. I liked the post so I could RG (regram) the video. I am a very patient person, but like you, I am only human, I have my limits. I know when it’s time to stand up for myself. 

“I deleted the post because I don’t want to immortalize pa the video & statement. Tama na yun. Sa ngayon, I am still protective of him kahit hindi kami ok at hindi ko purpose na magalit ang tao sa kanya. Ever. Masakit rin po sakin to post something like that. Napakabait ng family niya sobra. At gusto rin siya ng family ko kaya masakit na nadadamay sila sa gulo namin. Sana okay na po. Pasensya na po at mahirap po ito para sa akin.”


The netizen apologized afterwards explaining that and said that he/she was just concerned about the showbiz couple. Angel accepted the apology.