Did Angel Locsin call Luis Manzano her 'ex' on Instagram?

Fans are surprised Angel referred to Luis as her 'ex' on a video post.



2/12/2016 10:19 PM
Did Angel Locsin call Luis Manzano her 'ex' on Instagram?

021216-AngelLocsin_PUSH.jpgFollowers of Angel Locsin were shocked when she reposted a video of Luis Manzano from MYX on her Instagram. They were not surprised by Luis singing Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" but by the fact Angel called him her 'ex' in her caption. 

She also added the hashtag #mabuhayangtangasapagibig, asking netizens to like her post if they have experienced being hurt by someone they love. 

"On the eve of my neck procedure, I saw my ex singing "love yourself" sa myx ig. Kung umiyak na kayo sa taong paulit-ulit kang sinaktan. Pls like this.#mabuhayangtangasapagibig" the caption on the short clip said. 

Fans could not believe Angel would post such a thing, since she just recently admitted on Tonight With Boy Abunda that she and Luis are still fixing their relationship. Some speculate that Angel's account must be hacked. 

Angel is currently in Singapore to undergo another procedure for her disc bulge.