Avi Siwa calls Vina Morales a ‘low life palengkera’

The former model said she regrets engaging in a word war with Vina in her former posts on social media.



12/8/2016 10:20 AM
Avi Siwa calls Vina Morales a ‘low life palengkera’

120816-VinaAvi_PUSH.jpgLooks like the spat between Vina Morales and Avi Siwa is far from being over.  

Avi once again called the attention of the singer for being a “low life palengkera.” According to her Instagram post, Vina allegedly lost her cool when they met at the Bank Bar at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City last Saturday, December 3.

“VINA MORALES - what can I say? You've successfully shocked me w/ ur scandalous drama last night & proven what people say abt u, that u are a LOW LIFE PALINGKERA.

"I once lost my cool & class over ur cyberbullying act a year ago - when u humiliate me & my child, instigating this social media BS.

"I thought that by replying would show I was tough, that I was fighting for my child. Well I regretted all of that - such a waste of time & just way too low for my standards. [sic]"

Avi is the former girlfriend of French business man Marc Lambert, with whom he has a daughter. Marc is currently in a relationship with Vina.

“What you did last night at (Bank Bar) trying to provoke me & humiliate me (again) by picking a fight in public when I was minding my own business w/ my friends, coming to our table, taunting me like you're someone who live in the slums, shouldn't really be what a 41 year old celebrity & a mother should be doing - especially someone who talks about God so much like u do [sic],” she wrote in her post.

Avi went on and said she didn’t react because she will not stoop down Vina’s ‘level.’

The former model also said that she and Marc are already on good terms for the sake of their daughter.

Vina posted a photo of her at the said bar with a friend. However, she has yet to react on the issue.