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Karel Marquez clarifies her BMW gift to husband came from her own pocket

Karel Marquez also explained that the special plate number “8” was just for the photo and was soon removed.



12/6/2016 12:02 AM
Karel Marquez clarifies her BMW gift to husband came from her own pocket

120516-KarelMarquez_PUSH.jpgWhen Karel Marquez tied the knot with fiancé Sean Fariñas at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Forbes Park in Makati on Thursday, her gift, a BMW sedan gained mixed reactions from the netizens.

She soon clarified through a Facebook post that she worked hard in able to give him the gift.

“Why would people dictate what we should do when we all can do what we want as long as we worked hard for it, and as long as wala tayong inaaway o tinatapakang tao. We all have different opinions. Different life choices,” she said.

She also dismissed some rumors that the money she spent came from her parents.

“My parents are middle class people who have worked their way to where they are now too but even so, I would be embarrassed to let them pay for ‘my gift’ pero pera nila. Naku kawawa naman mga magulang ko if I did that? Ridiculous comments. Respect that we do not need to expose glamorous things, but do not be quick to judge as well.”

She stressed that the car isn’t brand new and that she didn’t buy it from the Fariñas’.

“It was the most I could afford today and spare, so it is not a brand new one. It took me 6 months to earn this and always had to set aside a monthly budget in the middle of paying for our groceries, food, my children's tuition fees and the list goes on. It was a sacrifice.”

What made the car intriguing was the special plate number 8, which is used by congressmen only.

“Whoever had a screenshot of my gift for him with the # 8 plate in front, you can zoom in to the photo and see that it was just placed on top just maybe after Sean went down the hotel lobby with his entourage to see his surprise gift.

“His cousin is a son of a congressman so they just put it there during the surprise. It's his dad's and not ours so relax. It was taken off by the boys I think seconds right after the photo and before even heading to the church,” she said.

Karel, who has never been married, had a relationship with Arman de Guzman whom she had two children - Keiley and Kyler. Karel and Sean have been together since 2012 and the latter proposed to the actress last May while they were on vacation in Negros Occidental.