Who is Sharon Cuneta’s mystery leading man?

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12/04/2016 01:41 AM
Who is Sharon Cuneta’s mystery leading man?


Sharon Cuneta was happy to share with her followers that her new movie is already in the works and the only thing missing is her leading man.

“Star Cinema has assured me that my movie will start shooting in January, and they are presently fixing my schedule with my manager. Tita Malou Santos, our Star Cinema boss however, still is deciding who is to be my leading man between two actors! It's totally her decision,” she shared on Facebook.

The Megastar admitted she’s just praying that she would get along with her leading man because she doesn’t want to get “stressed out and tense.”

This will also be her first movie after almost 7 years. Her last movie was “Mano Po 6” in 2009.