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EXCLUSIVE: Gary Valenciano shares his advice for son Gab Valenciano

Gary Valenciano gives inspiration for the younger generation with some uplifting thoughts.


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12/29/2016 9:53 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Gary Valenciano shares his advice for son Gab Valenciano

122916-GaryValenciano_PUSH.jpgAfter an eventful year for his family highlighted by the arrival of his first granddaughter Leia last month, Gary Valenciano said he has had a blessed year. With his second son Gab’s separation from Tricia Centenera after just more than a year of marriage, Gary hoped that the public will not be judgmental when it comes to their personal lives.

"Gab is one person who speaks his mind. Gab is also one person who is not perfect. Actually he’s just as far from perfect as everybody else is. But what I do respect about my son is that he’s kept quiet through it all. He’s now more about thinking about what is positive. All of his tweets now are either constructive criticism but nothing to put anyone down. If at all I have a feeling in the year to come, he probably will start opening about himself. Open up about the things he feels that maybe he could’ve done that he didn’t do or he did that he shouldn’t have done,” he admitted.

Push.com.ph asked the 52-year-old performer if he had any words of advice not just for his son but for the younger generation who were also dealing with the same kind of situation.

”My advice to him and to others would be, it’s not advice because I don’t want to give advice to people who will choose to constantly look at him as the bad boy. But I would rather speak to all those out there who are in the same situation. As a dad to Gabriel, I am committed to be a dad. No matter what happens in life. I’m blood related to him. He is my second son and I will continue to love him as such. And to all the others out there who don’t have a father, believe me it’s not an easy thing to go through. I understand that. But if God is the reason for the season and if you are as dirty and as filthy as that manger that Christ was born in, then believe me Christ can be born in your heart too. And that’s when things will change,” he said.