EXCLUSIVE: Bugoy Drilon shares birthday plans and wishes

Bugoy Drilon says he plans to throw a simple party for his birthday with his family and friends.


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12/29/2016 9:50 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Bugoy Drilon shares birthday plans and wishes

122716-BugoyDrilon_Push.jpgTurning 27 years old on New Year's day, Kapamilya singer Bugoy Drilon shared how he will celebrate his birthday.

Saying that he did not have a gift for himself this Christmas, he said that his gift will be for his birthday—to throw a simple celebration with his family and friends in Manila.

"'Yung ibang mga friends ko, nag-fly pa sila (galing) ibang bansa kasi mga ibang friends ko kasi, mga (foreigners) din so I'm so happy na makakapunta sila.

"Chill lang ('yung party) para makapag-usap and bonding but I choose a place na maganda 'yung view, parang overlooking siya," he added.

As for his birthday wish, Bugoy is hoping for good health first and foremost, "'Yun kasi pinaka-importante kasi these past months, I was sick, really sick so siguro health."

He also wished that people will still appreciate him and his music.