PUSH Year Ender: 8 infamous celebrity spats this 2016

Here are some celebrity fights that made the news in 2016.


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12/27/2016 8:24 AM
PUSH Year Ender: 8 infamous celebrity spats this 2016

122716-Awayan_Push.jpgHere are the celebrity tiffs that hogged the headlines in 2016.

1. Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos

Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos’s tiff is the only fight that ended with a fistfight.

The fight that started in a bar got Kiko punching the controversial actor.

“Baron Geisler went to stage and he wanted to jam. On the last time, me and my friends were telling him to step down. And then on the mic, he told us to get out of the bar. He was saying foul words and we didn't like it, so I stood up. And when I did that, I got Baron Geisler's attention."

After agreeing to settle their "differences" MMA style, the fight resulted to a draw with the two even kissing each other.

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Both actors later on admitted that the fight was staged.

2. Jake Ejercito and Jaclyn Jose

To say that Jaclyn Jose was displeased after the unexpected revelation that Jake Ejercito was the biological father of Andi Eigenmann's daughter Ellie, would be a huge understatement.

Although no response was heard from Jake's end, Jaclyn kept on making snide comments on the latter's posts about Ellie.

In a reaction to a photo posted by Jake about “slaying all the dragons” for Ellie, Jaclyn posted on her Instagram account, “She will always [be] a princess before you and will always be. I slayed all the dragons before you. You could have slayed the dragons before this. But you chose not to. You can’t all of the sudden slay. You do not have the tool…”

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3. Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola

This could very well be the most controversial tiff that involved a local male celebrity this year. It all started when rumors made rounds that Jessy Mendiola was seeing Angel Locsin's ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano.

Although the Luis and Angel had parted ways for a couple of months before the rumors started circulating, the latter's comment about "having nothing good to say" sent hers and Jessy's fans warring with each other.

Jessy, for her part, tearfully commented in a separate interview that she felt bad being called an "ahas."

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4. Vina Morales and Avi Siwa

Former model Avi Siwa shocked the public when she took to Instagram to air her sentiments about Vina Morales's current boyfriend Marc Lambert, who happened to be the father of her daughter.

The 2009 FHM Magazine cover girl claimed that Marc is only sending P28,000 for their child. She claimed, however, that the amount is “not enough” given that he’s living a luxurious life in Switzerland and treating his girlfriend luxuriously to A-Lister trips abroad. Avi even threatened to take her sentiments to court.

Vina, for her part, refused to address the issues thrown by Avi.

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5. Vivian Velez and Cristine Reyes

The tiff on the set of the pre-primetime show Tubig at Langis started when Vivian Velez suddenly tendered her irrevocable resignation on the show via a Facebook post.

Vivian claimed that she experienced Cristine’s rude behavior.

“She bangs the doors, shouted at me. She keeps on singing 'Goodbye, Farewell' in front of my face while we are rehearsing,” said Vivian in an interview.

Cristine eventually apologized for her rude behavior via a statement sent to her talent management company.

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6. Timothy Tan and Sunshine Dizon

Not only did the husband and wife parted ways but Timothy and Sunshine even got embroiled in the controversy after the latter accused the former of keeping a mistress.

Sunshine took her accusations to Instagram and even named the alleged mistress of her husband. She eventually took their tiff to court by filing for a violation of the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 as well as concubinage.

Timothy eventually issued a public apology to Sunshine, something which the latter accepted.

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7. Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto

After being okay a couple of months ago, estranged husband and wife Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto got into a spat anew after the latter accused the former’s nephew of mauling their son Santino.

Claudine even went as far as promising to “avenge” what happened to their son and claiming that their kids are calling Raymart a liar for defending his nephew.

Raymart, in an interview, claimed that what happened to Santino was a mere “away bata” and should not involve them. But Claudine maintained that what his 27-year-old nephew did to Santino is not the case.

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8. Baron Geisler and Ping Medina

Once again, the controversial character actor figured into a tiff when Ping Medina posted a lengthy recount of his alleged show of disrespect on the set of indie movie Bubog.

Ping recounted in the said post that Baron peed on him while he was blindfolded even if it wasn’t part of the script.

While he initially shrugged off the accusations calling them mere “paninira,” Baron eventually apologized to Ping after the latter filed a complaint against him at the Professional Artist Managers Inc. The incident resulted to them being pulled out of the indie film.

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