LOOK: Paolo Contis says LJ Reyes is ‘close to perfection’

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12/26/2016 02:12 PM
LOOK: Paolo Contis says LJ Reyes is ‘close to perfection’

Paolo Contis gave a sweet birthday message to his beau LJ Reyes on Instagram. 

He described her as “almost close to perfection” and commended her for being humble and a good mother. 

Paolo separated with wife, dancer Lian Paz in 2012. They have two daughters. 

Meanwhile, LJ has a son with actor Paulo Avelino, whom she broke up with also in 2012. 

I know nobody is PERFECT... but if there is someone close enough to perfection, that would be YOU. You are a very very beautiful person... You are so funny and you make everyone around you happy. Your smile and your laugh never fails to bright up someone's day. You are a brilliant actress. You are a great sister. You are great daughter. You are a great partner/best friend! And everybody knows that you are the best mother to Aki... and the best Tita to my kids. You do all of these things without asking anything in return. You are the most unassuming person I know and I am in awe of your kindness. These are only a few reasons why I love you and why I'm never going anywhere. You have so much love to give and I promise to protect your heart so it will never get hurt ever again. Happy Birthday my Love... I always want to see you happy! ??????

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