Eric and Rona Tai share marriage advice for newly engaged Anne Curtis

Eric Tai talks about love with wife Rona.

Eric and Rona Tai share marriage advice for newly engaged Anne Curtis-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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12/20/2016 10:16 AM
Eric and Rona Tai share marriage advice for newly engaged Anne Curtis

122016-ERIKRONA_PUSH.jpgIn the recently concluded season of The Amazing Race Asia, all four members of Team Philippines emerged victorious as beauty queens Maggie Wilson and Parul Shah won the top prize while former It’s Showtime host Eric Tai and his wife Rona got third place. The married couple admitted they discovered new things about each other during the month-long race. "We are just happy to be part of the top three. We flew in yesterday from Singapore. That’s part of marriage and that’s part of the competition that you have to make way for your wife and whatever challenge is brought to the table. You both have to do it. You can’t be selfish and try to do it your own way. You got to always be considerate of the other person and push forward together and that’s the only way. I learned how patient she is and how God-fearing she is. She was always giving credit to the Heavenly Father and that’s one thing that I’ve always cherished in a woman and I found it in her. We’re happier and stronger now because of the race,” Eric told Push during their media interviews last December 19 at Full Belly Craft Kitchen in Quezon city.

Throughout the season run, fans of Team Rona and Eric were proud of how positive the two were even when presented with frustrating challenges. "Siyempre hindi mawawala yung fighting and arguments as a couple. Parang hindi na normal yun if you don’t fight and argue. Because you always have to put something to the table in any relationship. Hindi naman everything is agreeable di ba? So that’s what makes a marriage interesting din. But what I’ve realized is that kung gaano kamahal ni Eric. I know he loves me but I realize how much he loves me when maraming opportunities during the race where he always chooses the task or challenges that would cater to me na kahit na alam niyang he would ace it with flying colors, he chooses the challenges na alam niyang kakayanin ko din,” Rona shared.

With the recent announcement of Anne Curtis’s engagement to longtime boyfriend Erwan Heussaff, the TARA couple share their advice for the soon-to-be-married couple. "We just heard! Congratulations Anne and Erwan. Finally congratulations to you two. We love you both. All the best and it’s been a long time coming. I know that Erwan had a plan and this is the right time for you guys. So much love always. My advice to Anne and Erwan is much love is required to go to the next step. Obviously you guys have conquered that, being together for I think is six to eight years or something like that? Just congratulations for coming this far. Erwan, the best advice I could give is always be patient with your fiance or future wife. Happy wife, happy life. And always put God in the midst of your relationship. That one is the most important,” Eric explained.

Eric and Rona look forward to spending the holidays with Eric’s entire clan. "We’re leaving tomorrow for Australia, back to where I was raised and so all my family is going to be there and we can’t wait to see them and to see my 13 nieces and nephews so that’s a lot (laughs),” Eric added.

For the coming year, Eric and Rona hoped they can share with their fans more of their adventures as a new couple. "We’re hoping to start up a YouTube channel and it will be basically everything that we do together. It won’t be broken down on one sort of thing. We’re going to try and keep the horizon open with whatever we do daily. Thank you much for the support and love. We know that you guys have been there and have had our backs all the way since the start. And to all our new fans all around Asia who have been supporting us from Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand we want to say thank you to all of you and we will keep on be going strong in 2017. Faster, higher, and stronger,” Eric said.