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EXCLUSIVE: Gary Valenciano reveals which singers he thinks have the biggest potential

Gary Valenciano also shares what kind of legacy he wants to leave in showbiz.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


12/16/2016 09:41 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Gary Valenciano reveals which singers he thinks have the biggest potential

121616-GaryValenciano_PUSH.jpgAs part of the Philippines’ Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) board for more than half a decade now, Gary Valenciano admitted he was happy when they were contacted by Okada Manila for a new partnership. "It’s almost like opening up a cage and allowing us to soar because it’s not an ordinary venue. From what I heard they’re really gung-ho in bringing out the best in whoever steps into that venue. This is a world-class venue. We can’t give anything less than world-class performances. And it’s not just (going to be) OPM artists that are kilala. I mean we are talking about OPM artists that will have their work being exposed coming out there. We’re not just catering to an audience that is used to gigs. We got to give them shows,” he said. The resort formalized its support for local arts and entertainment during the Okada Manila #TheFountain press launch held last December 15 in Makati city.

Gary V. said that among the current crop of artists, he can see a group of young singers going far in the music industry. "Right now there are four girls and they are part of ASAP called the Biritera Queens and they are extremely talented. There’s Angeline Quinto, Morissette Amon, Klarisse De Guzman, and Jonalyn Viray. Now these four girls you see them on ASAP all the time but there’s more to them than just that. And I think that if you given them a very well-conceptualized show, like if they were to come out on a stage like in Okada, you’re going to see divas na hindi lang tinatawag na divas but there is real reason to call them that kasi that’s really what they are which is fantastic vocalists. Or eventually they’ll do that one by one. I think they are the first ones I would probably push for,” he admitted.

The OPM board member said he hopes to one day be able to help level up the quality of performances of Pinoy performers. Gary also defended those who might not agree with his choices. "Some would say, ‘Ay we would see them all the time on television.’ But you see you got to open up your mind and understand that when you talk about television especially ASAP, that means you are catering to a local market. But in Okada it’s opening the doors to everyone all over Asia and all around the world,” he added.

During the Okada Manila event, the 52-year-old artist was asked whom he might consider as his heir apparent. But the always humble star explained his views on the subject. "I don’t think there will ever be a heir apparent. When you really think about it, you have Michael Jackson. There’s never going to be another Michael Jackson. There’ll probably be better, there’ll probably be other guys who would be just as good as MIchael Jackson or do things that Michael never did. Popularity-wise there might be an heir apparent later on but talent is individuals that become successful because of who they are and not because of who they are trying to emulate. When it comes to leaving a legacy, at this point in time kasi there are still so many ideas I have brewing in my head. I don’t know if that next idea is what is going to be the one to determine what legacy I’m going to leave,” he explained.