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American digital magazine raves about MMFF 2016 entry ‘Seklusyon’

Film critic Clarence Tsui suggests ‘Seklusyon’ take part in fantasy-themed festivals


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12/16/2016 9:46 AM
American digital magazine raves about MMFF 2016 entry ‘Seklusyon’

121616-Seklusyon_PUSH.jpgSeklusyon, the only horror film in the upcoming 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, got an early start on its peers after American digital magazine, The Hollywood Reporter gave it a positive review.

The film review, which was published on Wednesday, came a few days after Seklusyon’s world premiere at the Macao International Film Festival last December 11. The Erik Matti film was the lone Philippine entry at the festival’s non-competition Hidden Dragons section or the films that represent the latest trends in contemporary Asian genre cinema.

“A grainy, gory parable about the triumph of evil,” wrote film critic Clarence Tsui.

He continued, “While having already used his previous films to chastise the rampant corruption and cynicism in his country, Matti offers up an even more furious fable in his new film.”

Tsui even went as far as suggesting for the film to take part in fantasy-themed festivals.

“But credit to Matti for rescuing Seclusion out from the ordinary and its pulpy roots. Infusing the widescreen imagery with grainy textures reminiscent of the scary movies from the celluloid era, the director — in partnership with cinematographer Neil Derrick Bion and production designer Ericson Navarro — manages to establish a sufficiently eerie ambience for the evil spirits to wreak havoc in,” he wrote.

In the end, Tsui summed up Matti’s latest opus as “The film is Matti's call for an awakening, and it certainly stirs with spine-tingling moments aplenty.”