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Jodi Sta. Maria admits turning to drugs and alcohol in the past

Before being a workaholic, the actress admitted she became an alcoholic then eventually took drugs to suppress her feelings.



11/5/2016 1:04 AM
Jodi Sta. Maria admits turning to drugs and alcohol in the past

Jodi Sta. Maria has finally opened up about her separation from former husband Pampi Lacson, whom she was married to for 5 years. 

According to a report from Cebu Daily News  the actress broke her silence on the issue at The Perfect Love Conference held last month in Mandaue City. 

“My life was such a mess na hindi ko alam kung saan ako magsisimula. Wala nang magmamahal sa akin kasi separada na ako, segunda mano,” she recalled during the event. 

The ABS-CBN actress also admitted to succumbing to alcohol and drugs during her dark moments. 

“Before becoming a workaholic, I became an alcoholic. I drank day and night. I even drank during tapings, ang gusto ko kasi masolusyunan ‘yung feeling ko of pain and emptiness. When alcohol wasn’t enough, I turned to drugs. I felt empty. I pretended to be okay when the truth is hindi naman talaga. I was in and out of bad relationships that left me all the more wounded and broken,” she divulged. 

Jodi and Pampi were married in 2005 and filed for an annulment in 2011. They have a son Thirdy, who is now 10 years old.

“I got married at the age of 22. The marriage lasted for five years. Siguro, inisip ko, nagpakasal kami at a very young age na we didn’t really know each other. Instead of bringing out the best in each other, it brought out the worst in us. At that point, we could not protect Thirdy from the chaos in the home, so we decided to separate.” she explained.

“While the annulment was ongoing, all the more that I felt lost and broken, alam nyo kung gaano ito ka-pangit na ilahad sa korte lahat ng detalye, simula ng mag-ligawan kayo, hanggang sa maging mag-boyfriend kayo, hanggang sa kinasal kayo, hanggang sa kung ano man ang nangyari kung bakit kayo naghiwalay

“My life was such a mess na hindi ko na alam kung saan ako magsisimula. I needed attention. I needed acknowledgment. It even showed in the relationship I had with him. No matter how unhealthy and abusive, I stayed in the relationship because it felt okay, may nagmamahal sa akin at may nakakapansin,” she further revealed. 

Jodi then shared that it was actress Connie Reyes who invited her to renew her faith in 2010 and after four years, she finally said yes. 

Nahihiya na kasi ako, kasi ang tagal na niyang ini-invite ako, but there, dun ko nakilala ang Panginoon,” Jodi said. “Then Be Careful with My Heart came. This teleserye was a major turning point in my life because I had everything—because I found Jesus. I had a major concert abroad, sold-out, but backstage, I was crying. Fame and money were empty. There was nothing on top.”

Jodi quit her vices when her faith in the Lord strengthened. 

“I have a newfound respect for my body now, and I have to take care of it. Maayos itong ibinibigay sa akin ng Panginoon, maayos ko din itong isasauli sa kanya.