Paolo Ballesteros reacts on doing mainstream and indie films

Paolo considers Enteng Kabisote film as part of tradition.

Paolo Ballesteros reacts on doing mainstream and indie films-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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11/28/2016 02:20 AM
Paolo Ballesteros reacts on doing mainstream and indie films

112816-PaoloBallesteros_PUSH.jpgPaolo Ballesteros admits that he was shocked when their film Enteng 10 and the Abangers failed to make it to the Metro Manila Film Festival’s Magic 8.

“Same as with everybody else. Mixed emotions kasi ‘yung isang film ko nakapasok and ‘yung isang film ko is hindi nakapasok,” he shared during an interview after the blogger’s conference of Enteng 10.

Parang medyo shocked like what Bossing said na tradition na kasi natin ang Enteng Kabisote,” he continued.

When Paolo’s independent film Die Beautiful made it to the list, several started wondering as to whether or not he was torn from doing a “crappy” film supposedly pertaining to Enteng 10 and a “quality” film supposedly pertaining to his indie.

Paolo squarely addressed the issue and said, “It doesn’t necessarily mean naman na if it’s indie, it’s a quality film. May mga indie film na wala namang kwenta at vice versa.”

He emphasized that the film’s quality depends on the overall feel of the movie which may vary from one person to the other.

“For me ‘yung ma-mo-move ka sa film and then of course ‘yung technicalities hindi mawawala ‘yan. Medyo may pagka-maarte rin ako. Sa anggulo ng camera. Lahat lahat ‘yun eh,” he said.

Since his film made it and Enteng 10 didn’t, the latter is going to be shown in cinemas starting November 30.

Meanwhile, Paolo honestly confessed that he did not expect Die Beautiful to make it to the list

“Kasi ang gusto lang naman namin is mapanood ng mas maraming Pilipino and parang there’s no other way to show it here unless isasali nga namin sa MMFF,” he shared.

But does he consider Enteng 10’s MMFF 2016 exclusion as “blessing” of sorts, since they won’t have to battle it out for the Best Actor trophy?

Ay hindi naman kasi kasama rin ako sa film na ito. Like what I said kanina, same efforts rin naman ang binigay ko here. Siyempre as much as possible lahat ng efforts sana eh marecognize, ito ring Enteng sana makapasok. But ‘yun nga, hindi nabigyan ng chance. But happy parin kasi maagang ipapalabas,” Paolo said.

Catch Enteng 10 and the Abangers in cinemas nationwide starting November 30.