Inigo Pascual admits he wants to work with Ylona Garcia

Inigo Pascual hopes to do a collaboration with other artists for his next project.


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11/26/2016 10:19 AM
Inigo Pascual admits he wants to work with Ylona Garcia

112616-Inigo_push.jpgWith the recent release of his debut album, Inigo Pascual said it was a blessing to be able to share it to the public before the year ended. "Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam dahil siyempre tapos na yung album ko. It’s my first album and I actually was super emotional when my single was out on M.O.R kasi momentous moment sa buhay ko dahil ever since I was a kid it was something that I always dreamt of. As in going to the radio station sabi ko talaga, ‘Eto na yun. I can’t believe I’m going to hear a song that I wrote on the radio.’ So I was super emotional. I was actually tearing up already. It’s something very special to me kasi ito yung passion ko. Ito talaga yung gusto ko gawin more than anything,” he shared.

A singer at heart, Inigo said he also admires another young performer who is slowly making her mark on the industry as well this year. "I want to work on music and I want to be in OPM and be a part of that generation that somewhat changes our music. Kumbaga we have Ylona Garcia who writes her own songs as well. That new breed that not only sings and dances and performs but also writes songs and who are true artists deep down inside,” he explained.

If given the chance, Inigo admitted Ylona would be on top of his list as a fellow artist to collaborate with in his next album. "Oh definitely. I’d want to collaborate with a lot of artists. There’s Ylona Garcia, siyempre si Sam Concepcion sobrang idol ko sa pagkanta at pag-perform, my dad of course. Maraming sobrang galing na performers, mga songwriters na kilala ko sa Star Magic. There’s a lot here in the Philippines who are capable of doing so much. I’m just so excited for the music here in the Philippines,” he said.