WATCH: Official trailer of Erik Matti’s “Seklusyon”

EJ Salut


11/26/2016 01:00 AM
WATCH: Official trailer of Erik Matti’s “Seklusyon”


Netizens weren’t able to hide their excitement over horror film Seklusyon’s first official trailer which was released on social media on Thursday.

The thrilling scenes starred Ronnie Alonte, Rhed Bustamante, Phoebe Walker, Elora Espano, Neil Ryan Sese, Dominique Roque, John Vic De Guzman, JR Versales and veteran actor Lou Veloso.

Directed by Erik Matti, Seklusyon is one of the eight entries in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Set in 1947, the story revolves around the old ritual done by the church where deacons or aspiring priests are sent in a secluded area on the last seven days of their training. The purpose of this seclusion is to shield them from evil.