EXCLUSIVE: Mig Ayesa wants to collaborate with Gary V. and Bamboo

Mig Ayesa says the future of Pinoy rock is very bright.

EXCLUSIVE: Mig Ayesa wants to collaborate with Gary V. and Bamboo-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/22/2016 10:07 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Mig Ayesa wants to collaborate with Gary V. and Bamboo

112216-MigAyesa_PUSH.jpgAs a Filipino rock singer who’s been recognized in and outside the country, Mig Ayesa said he is very hopeful about the state of Pinoy rock. "I think it’s stronger than ever. I think it’s a very, very exciting time to be a musician in the Philippines at the moment. There’s a lot of things happening and I continue to get blown away by the talent that’s here. Every time I come back to the Philippines, I get told of new artists that I haven’t heard of and they just keep the quality up and they just get better and better. So I guess the best years are yet to come for Filipino rock,” he shared during the launch of his song “Fill My Cup” at the FWD insurance office held last November 19 in Taguig.

The Fil-Australian performer also said that being considered a true rocker is more than just living the lifestyle. "I think it’s just a feeling of self-realization, knowing what you are, being proud of what you do and don’t let anybody else force you to be who you are not. That’s the guy who rocks. Someone who is proud and confident to be in their own skin. Living the rocker lifestyle is old school rock and roll, like throwing a television outside a hotel window and trashing the hotel room. That stuff is not going to make you a rock star. It just means being true to yourself and living your life to the maximum and being not afraid to live. That’s it,” he explained.

After doing some work in the Philippines, Mig admitted he still wants to collaborate with local artists. "I’ve always wanted to work with Gary V. and Louie Ocampo. He’s a really legendary guy. The musicians I’ve been working with here at FWD (Insurance) are like my dream team. I love also writing and collaborating with people Nino Alejandro and Nyoy Volante. These guys are originally from the pop world but they transferred to theater so they live in that pop rock world. Also I’m a big fan of Bamboo. I think he’s phenomenal. And also there’s a whole bunch of other artists I think who have fallen by the wayside for now but I’d love of course to touch base with him again. I think there’s just so much talent happening here,” he said.

He revealed that he is not the only rocker in his family. "One person I really want to collaborate with it is my second cousin Manuel Legarda from Razorback and from Wolfgang. We’ve always talked about getting together and we’ve always been pulled apart for different reasons. We’ve never really had a chance to do something together. But he’s someone I want to work with. It’s just a matter of time,” he added.

Another project Mig said he would be interested to do is to be a judge on a talent competition just like the one he joined in Australia. "I would love to judge that. But no I haven’t been approached. I have done some stuff in the States but not here in the Philippines. It would be nice to actually do something back here,” he says. 

With the launch of his song “Fill My Cup” for FWD Insurance, Mig hoped to inspire more Pinoys to strive for their dreams. "I just want them to know that life is a wonderful thing and it’s a beautiful world out there. Go out and explore it. Don’t be afraid. Fear is something that holds us back. I want people to be brave and to just live your life because you get so much from just coming out of your comfort zone. And there’s a sense of fulfillment from that. I’d hate to live the end of life thinking, ‘If only or what if?’ That’s my biggest fear,” he shared.