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Jericho Rosales’s son Santino admits, ‘I’m never going into showbiz’

Santino Rosales reveals his biggest crush on a teen Kapamilya actress.

Jericho Rosales’s son Santino admits, ‘I’m never going into showbiz’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/03/2016 01:02 AM
Jericho Rosales’s son Santino admits, ‘I’m never going into showbiz’

110216-SantinoRosales_PUSH.jpgDuring the first ever Candy Teen Con event held last October 29, this year’s batch of Candy cuties made an appearance. This included Jericho Rosales’s 15-year-old son Santino. The promising young high school junior said it was a privilege for him to be part of this year’s chosen group of young men. "Of course I was happy and then I was excited then I told my mom and then she was happy too. It was all good vibes. It feels really great because you get to feel more special. Siyempre a lot of people wanted to be part of this and I’m privileged enough to be here and meet and greet some of the Candy girls and be part of Candy magazine. When I told my dad, He was like, ‘Congrats pogi I’m proud of you!’” he revealed.

Santino admitted that he does not plan on following in his dad’s foot steps. "I’m never going into showbiz. I’m not into it. It’s just not for me. I’m not going to take a job that I don’t love doing. I want to continue my career in football and maybe modeling. I’d like to limit myself to commercials and endorsements only. Both my parents support whatever I want to do. I’m not used to the limelight. I’m used to being behind it,” he said. But this doesn’t stop Santino from admiring pretty celebrities. "Abroad my crush is Ariana Grande. Here it’s Liza Soberano. I just find her pretty,” he added.

Although he does not live with his dad, Santino said they maintain a close relationship. "He just told me to always be humble. That came from both sides, from my mom and my dad. That’s what they always tell me to keep me humble. It applies to life. You can’t be big headed about things that you have because everybody knows you work hard for it. So just enjoy what you have. I bond with my dad on weekends when we’re both not busy. Usually it’s the two of us but I’m in good terms with tita Kim (Jones),” he explained.

Apart from school, this Candy cutie member said playing football is his biggest passion. “I’ve been playing since 2013. I just play football. I play for Kaya FC under 17 and I play for my school varsity as well. Definitely I have big dreams of playing in Spain for my favorite club Real Madrid. But now I’m very happy with my club Kaya FC,” he said.

This young athlete is also a budding entrepreneur. "I’ve already actually started my venture onto business with a friend of mine. We turn car parts into furniture. We had this trade expo at school and we decided to do something outside of the box. He had some extra car parts because he has a car shop. So we decided let’s innovate it, let’s make it something people want. We both decided to make it into furniture for your house and what we used is all real recycled car parts,” he said.