Jasmine Curtis-Smith: ‘Love is Jeff (Ortega)’

Jasmine Curtis-Smith reveals what she felt doing a kissing scene with a woman.


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11/17/2016 9:38 AM
Jasmine Curtis-Smith: ‘Love is Jeff (Ortega)’

111716-JasmineCurtis_PUSH.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abuda, Jasmine Curtis-Smith revealed what she felt kissing a woman for her lesbian role in her upcoming movie Baka Bukas. “Ninerbyos ako because I’ve never kissed someone that I’ve never known as less than a friend.” She said that when it was time to do it she was very nervous but everyone was professional and “it just happened like it was meant to.”

Jasmine revealed this is the very first kissing scene she’s done.

For her love life, Jasmine was asked, “how has life changed because of (her boyfriend) Jeff Ortega,” Jasmine said, “I’d been more patient. There are changes in myself that I never knew I could make.’ She also said about love, “it inspires you. It keeps you going.” 

On Fast Talk, asked who she’d court if she were a lesbian, Jasmine answers, “I’d go for Bea Alonzo. Ang ganda ng kutis and talented.” 

Asked for the best part of Jeff’s body, she says, his “brain” and his “smile.” Love for Jasmine is “Jeff.”