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EXCLUSIVE: Iñigo Pascual on his blond hair: ‘This is me showing who I really am’

Inigo Pascual admits he wanted to make a big change before his debut album launch.


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11/16/2016 9:12 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Iñigo Pascual on his blond hair: ‘This is me showing who I really am’

111616-InigoPascual_PUSH.jpgEven before launching his self-titled album last week, Iñigo Pascual had his hair dyed blond which he admitted was part of the new image he wanted to project. "Siguro paglabas ng album ko I just wanted to do something new with myself. Siguro this is me showing who I really am. With my album I wrote my songs and I guess this is my way of expressing my art, this is my way of expressing my music. I guess kung wala akong ibang gagawin, ano pa ang ibang maipapakita ko. I guess this is something different that I want to show,” he told Push.

Iñigo said he had to go through a long process before finally getting approval to change his hair. "To be honest it was all my idea. Sobrang takot ako nung sinasabi ko sa management. Sabi ko, ‘Paano ko ba gagawin ito? Sino ba kakausapin ko muna?’ Siyempre I have my managers and my road managers and of course the bosses to talk to. Inisa isa ko yan. So I went through a long process of trying to convince them,” he recalled.

Even his father Piolo Pascual took some time to adjust to his decision. "Medyo tahimik siya nun eh. Pero nagustuhan naman niya after a while. After siguro mga one day of seeing my face with this kind of hair. He got used to it and was like, ‘I like that you’re doing that.’ Siyempre iba and I guess this is something na for some reason it gave me more confidence as who I am, the way I carry myself it’s more of who I am. It’s more fun I guess,” he said.

With netizens having mixed reactions about his new look, Iñigo said he has accepted the nature of being a celebrity and admitted he wants to focus on the advantages of it instead. "Craziest thing about social media is that everything’s public. You can never take anything back. Everything is final. Once it’s in there you can’t take it back. But I guess crazy in a good way is how you can interact with people easier. In this generation it’s very important and it’s a new way to be able to communicate with your fans, communicate with people and being able to collaborate with people through social media. I think it’s such a big thing in our generation. I think social media is one of the key elements in our career din, you’re able to promote yourself through it and show your work through social media. Di ba dati sa TV lang nakikita? Ngayon you can do Facebook Live, you can do Instagram, Twitter and Periscope and all that. Now it’s a lot easier,” he explained.