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  • Richard Gomez maintains that the drug charges against him are politically motivated.

Richard Gomez releases latest official statement on drug allegations

Richard Gomez maintains that the drug charges against him are politically motivated.

Richard Gomez releases latest official statement on drug allegations-Jeff  Fernando
Jeff Fernando

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11/15/2016 09:30 AM
Richard Gomez releases latest official statement on drug allegations

111516-RichardGomez_PUSH.jpgNakatanggap tayo ng text noong Linggo mula sa aktor at ngayon ay Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez. Dito sinabi niya na nais niyang magpadala ng isang bagong official statement.

"Hi jeff!

Just in case you want to publish my side about what happened last week i prepared a short statement. Tnx!"

Nag-issue nadin ng naunang statement si Goma

Narito ang complete text ng official statement ni Richard tungkol sa issue na pinagdadaanan niya sa ngayon:

Mayor Richard Gomez of Ormoc City welcomes a probe into the allegations that he has links to the Espinosa drug group. He said that since his name was dragged during a Senate hearing, that he also would want to air his side in the same venue.

The mayor wants to expose “once and for all” the machinations of some policemen involved in the case to cover up the real drug protectors and instead, besmirch the innocent.

He also said that dragging his name was “politically motivated”, and that by muddling the case, it is “destroying the President’s drive to put an end to the menace.”

Gomez says he will not sit back and just allow malicious and evil inpiduals to toss his name lightly and link it to drugs.

“Whatever measure of success I have now, I worked hard for—honestly, and with blood, sweat, and tears.  Nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. With that success, I also took care of my reputation, and I have for the most part of my life tried to give back by living a clean life, advocating against drugs and leading by example,” he said.

“That is why more than just this being a ridiculous and desperate attempt of my political opponents and their lapdogs, some of who are ninja cops, I take great offense in those who think nothing of dragging the names of the innocent. Maybe other people do not think much of keeping their names clean, but I do. I value my good name. Fame, power—all that is fleeting. But a good name, a good, clean name is my real wealth,” the mayor added. 

Sa mga nagkakalat at may kinalaman sa drugs, pananagutan ninyo ito. ‘wag kayong mandamay. Man up. Face up to the consequences of your actions. ‘Wag niyo guluhin ang issue. ‘Wag nyo ipahid sa mga inosente ang kawalanghiyaan na ginagawa ninyo ng marami ng taon,” the mayor said. (To those who are really involved in the drug trade, you will answer for your actions. Man up and face the consequences of your actions. Do not muddle the issue and do not besmirch the reputations of people who are innocent.) 

Mayor Gomez was one of the few mayors who supported Duterte’s candidacy, because he believed in the then Davao mayor’s anti-drug stance.

The neophyte mayor’s name was dragged during a Senate probe on the death of Albuera, Leyte ‘narco-mayor’ Rolando Espinosa in the Baybay sub-provincial jail, during the service of a search warrant against him and another inmate, Raul Yap. Both died for allegedly fighting back.

Ch. Insp. Leo Laraga, who was pushed by Sen. Tito Sotto to name the “powerful personalities” who were alleged protectors of the Espinosas, mentioned Gomez’s name including that of Leyte governor Dominic Petilla, Leyte 3rd district Cong. Vicente “Ching” Veloso, Vice Governor Carlo Loreto and Baybay Vice Mayor Michael Cari.

He said they were the reason why they had to go to Samar and get the search warrant from regional trial court judge Tarcelo Sabarre.

Laraga would later clarify that Mayor Gomez’s name is not in the affidavit of the late Mayor Rolando Espinosa, but was bandied about by Albuera police chief Juvie Espinido at the Hall of Justice, while they were filing the case against the Mayor for illegal possession of high powered firearms and 11-kilos of shabu. Mayor Gomez and the others whose names Laraga mentioned have since issued their own statements denying involvement in the drug trade.

Leyte governor Petilla, vice-governor Carlo Loreto, vice-mayor Michael Cari and Rep. Ching Veloso said they don’t know the Espinosas and haven’t even met them. They also said the effort to drag their names was “politically motivated.”

It was also noted that the late Mayor Espinosa did not even support the candidacy of Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez, but that of her opposition, Engr. Violeta Codilla. 

The mention of the mayor’s name, who is a known anti-drug advocate, surprised the Senate panel. It also generated strong reactions from friends and supporters who expressed disbelief. 

Strong words of support flooded the mayor’s social media accounts, saying they were praying for him and did not believe the accusation.

Naniniwala si Richard na malalagpasan niya ang pagsubok na ito dahil marami ang naniniwala sa kanya kasama ang kanyang pamilya at mga mahal sa buhay.