Matteo Guidicelli admits getting affected by bashers

Matteo Guidicelli also shares how girlfriend Sarah Geronimo comforted him.


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11/15/2016 9:32 AM
Matteo Guidicelli admits getting affected by bashers

111516-MatteoGuidicelli_PUSH.jpgAfter the bloggers’ conference of his Cebu concert titled, Matteo Made in Cebu to be held this November 18, Matteo Guidicelli admitted that he gets affected by bashers who criticize him.

Siyempre there’s always negative stuff out there, di ba? But you know I’m working with Sir Louie Ocampo (his musical director), Direk Rowell (Santiago director), these guys are veterans in the music industry. Nagpapasalamat ako that they said yes to the show,” he said, adding that he is aware of comments about celebrities who sing.

“But I feel like music is an instrument where you can say what your hearts says. It’s being true to yourself. It’s not like acting where you pretend to be something else,” Matteo said, sharing how music is like an outlet where you can be true to yourself. 

Does he get affected by bashers?

Siyempre sometimes, we’re all humans… All those bashers out there we get affected but I think you guys are the reason why we push harder. I believe any successful person will go down and fall before they rise up. These are all challenges we have to surpass,” he said. 

When asked for the ugliest comment he has read about him, Matteo shared, “Wala, trying hard, mga ganyan.” 

He implied that his girlfriend, singer Sarah Geronimo, would comfort him, telling him that even she would get bad comments. She would learn from them and move forward. Matteo also stressed the importance of just making people happy.

When asked if he ever reached the point where he answered a basher back, Matteo said, “Minsan.”

However clarifying that he is not really “pumapatol,” Matteo added, “But it’s a joke. I mean I don’t treat it seriously. I just laugh about it sometimes.”