Miss Grand International 2016 runner-up Nicole Cordoves clarifies ‘pro-Donald Trump’ Q&A answer

Nicole Cordoves: ‘With Trump, we try to be optimistic’

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


11/11/2016 11:11 AM
Miss Grand International 2016 runner-up Nicole Cordoves clarifies ‘pro-Donald Trump’ Q&A answer

111116-NicoleCordoves_PUSH.jpgAfter finishing as first runner-up in the recently concluded Miss Grand International pageant in the US, Nicole Cordoves finally faced the press about her controversial answer.

During the top five question-and-answer portion, Nicole was asked to choose between then leading presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Nicole was booed when she chose Donald over Hillary as the supposed person who could help end war and violence.

Several quarters in the US have launched an all-out protest after Trump’s win.

During her comeback press conference at Novotel on Thursday, Nicole clarified that she does not support Donald.

“If you’re going to look at the bigger context of the question thrown at me it’s more of looking at it at the context of solving war and violence,” she explained.

Nicole maintained that her answer remains the same even if Trump has bagged the most powerful seat in the world and despite the protests against him.

“It’s still the same, fighting war and stopping violence still. But you know with Trump, we try to be optimistic,” she said.

“You know that America is now divided between Clinton and Trump so we shouldn’t let that tear us apart. Sana hindi siya mag-resulta into more war,” Nicole continued.

Meanwhile, Nicole also commented about the US president-elect’s comment that listed the Philippines among the supposed terrorist countries.

To this, Nicole said, “Well we always have this terrorist threat but I think the more question is how do we resolve it right now. What are the platforms we use for discussion. Like is it ASEAN, like in the international stage. I think we should discuss it more.”

Does she have any message to the new US president-elect?

 “Hi Donald Trump, please, please hire me as your speechwriter. I make good speeches and I will make people like you more,” she said with a smile.

After her win, Nicole unabashedly admitted that she wants to venture into the media industry as a news correspondent.