Megan Young reacts to being compared to Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray

Megan Young gives advice for her fellow beauty queen.

Megan Young reacts to being compared to Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/09/2016 10:04 AM
Megan Young reacts to being compared to Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray

When Catriona Gray won the right to be this year’s representative to the Miss World pageant which will be held in the US this coming December, many netizens were quick to note how the Fil-Australian winner has many similarities to Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young. The 26-year-old actress, however, discourage people from making comparisons.

"Well I think Catriona is her own person and I think she can be the next Catriona Gray. I always tell girls that I meet na as much as it’s great to become someone, make sure that your goal is to be the best you. Like before when people would tell me be like this person I would tell them, ‘No I’m going to be the next Ms. Megan Young!’ So parang that should be the driving force for the next Catriona Gray. Para she can become her own person and I think there are so many good qualities about her  that are so different from me as well also. So I guess parang maybe styling wise we may have some similarities. She’s such a nice person. She’s so beautiful but I know that once people start seeing her as Catriona then she’ll shine even more,” she shared during the HOOQ Time Anytime event held last October 6 at Pasong Tamo, Makati. 

The new HOOQ ambassador said she and Pia Wurtzbach experienced the same thing when they won. "I think it’s merely coincidence lang naman (these kinds of comparisons). Kasi even before Pia and I won, they would always compare us to past beauty queens as well. But we have no similarities to them naman. Once you become your destiny, that’s when you start to shine and that’s what worked for Pia and I. We became more comfortable with ourselves and we started to find what worked to our advantage. We used our strengths,” she explained. 

With Catriona set to compete in Washington D.C in December, Megan shared some tips. “(She should) get lots of rest because it’s going to be tough (laughs). Like before I left also for Bali before I’m sure you know na grabe yung media coverage namin for that. But she has a good Beauty with a Purpose project so she should just continue to do that and of course to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for when she gets there. It’s tough when you’re there,” she said.

Three years since she won the Miss World pageant in Bali, Indonesia, Megan said she did not dream of everything that she has achieved. "I actually didn’t know what to expect. I never know what to expect to be honest. So to be here in this moment is great because I know that in the future I know I’ll be looking back probably at my Facebook memories or something like what I did the other week when it was my third year anniversary for Miss World. So I’m just enjoying the moment for whatever I have right now because we never know what opportunities lie ahead of us,” she explained.

Just like her fellow beauty queen Janine Tugonon, Megan said she has not closed the possibility of going to Hollywood in the future. "Well it’s always there lingering in my mind but siyempre I have commitments here that I need to finish first and we’ll see. Things like that maybe dreams but you know you can always make your dreams come true,” she added.